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A Few Words About My Friend Stepto

Yesterday, I found out my friend Stephen Toulouse—better known in so many communities as Stepto—passed away. Stepto was a friend, perhaps one of the more surreal friendships I’ve been honored with. I didn’t know him as well as I wish I had, but for some reason I struck a chord with him enough for him to

The Story of a Cape

Some of you know or saw that I wore a majestic purple cape at the 2014 ENnies award show. When I committed to this ridiculous bit of clothing,

My Father’s Day Lament

It’s Father’s Day this weekend in the US, and as I don’t have a father[1], it’s a weekend that I reflect on something that almost happened: a few years ago, I tried to be a father. Now, I’m glad it didn’t happen, because the would-be mother and I…well, it wouldn’t have been good for either

We Are All Unintentional Ambassadors

When you’re a member of a subculture, and someone from outside finds out that you are, you get put into a bit of a spot: you become an ambassador of your subculture, whether or not you have the capability, mental energy, time, or desire to be that. [Fair warning: I’m going to wander a bit.]

Spirit of the Enterprise

I’ve been watching the run of Star Trek: Enterprise for the last little bit, as I didn’t really watch it when it originally aired. Last night I watched “Vox Sola” (season 1, episode 22), and there was a scene that smacked me in the face: the tactical officer invents force field technology. Seriously, the guy whose