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My 2014 in a Word: Overwhelmed

It’s New Years Eve, a sort of a spiritual day for me, so I will briefly reflect on my 2014 in a public manner. Let’s get some Real

Random Kindness Realized!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Random Kindness Encounter Bundle! 575 People $15,225 In 3 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes and 45 seconds Damn. We did a thing here, gaming world. Thank you very much. – Ryan (Oh, and now my promo widget points to a man who would like to see a dream come true,

RKE Bundle Reaction Video

A personal video reaction to how amazing y’all have been:   Too Long; Didn’t Watch: We’re capping the donations at $15K, because woah. Holy crap, you’re awesome. wut i dont even I’ll talk more about Mythender later, because I have my hands full with managing this project. :) Holy crap, you’re awesome. I drink passable

Unknown Armies Fillable Character Sheet

I decided to put up a place where I can post useful, downloadable stuff I make! The first thing I’m adding to it is an Unknown Armies 2/e

Taking a Few Days Off, November 2011

Folks, I’m gonna take a few days off from blogging. I want to hunker down and finish a project I’ve been working on, which I’ll share with y’all soon enough. And lately I haven’t been able to quite manage both a couple thousand words on projects and writing up a blog post. And I’m going

Audience Participation: What’s My “Must-Read” Post

I’ve been told by a few people that I should submit my blog for this year’s ENnie Awards. So I’ve looked over their rules regarding e-submissions, and here’s where I’m stumped: Podcasts and Blogs: You must send a link to your site and specify one “must-hear” episode or one “must-read” article/issue.  The judges will select