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My First “Game:” Know Thyself

I was talking with one of my roommates earlier this week about how I got my start in games. Typically, I tell the story of being hired by

Fate: Fallout Phase Trio

Here’s a variant of the Phase Trio that I’ve been toying with for a Fate build. It takes the idea that the characters’ lives are interwoven, but instead of focusing on action and helping, it focuses on complicated events and after-effects. It’s best in a city or other relatively closed-in space, where lives get messy quick

Dread with Less Player Elimination

In Wil Wheaton’s call for indie RPGs for Tabletop season 3, he says the following: I’m also beginning to look at indie RPGs, because we had such a great

Typed Stress in Fate

After working on Pathfinder for the last couple years, while also doing various Fate builds for others, I sometimes think about what I’d do if I wanted to merge

Power Attacks in Fate

I’m playing with a new Fate build right now, one that benefits from being brief. In it, there’s something that’s a whammy: an attack that more or less

I Ate Someone’s Character Sheet

Last month at PaizoCon, something came over me. I ate someone’s character sheet. Let me back up. I discovered something inside of myself at PaizoCon that I didn’t