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The Extra Secret Service!

Tim Rodriguez and I just dropped the next Backstory Cards digital reward out, and it’s a public freebie: the Extra Secret Service setting grid. In case you missed the pitch

Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests SRD

When I released Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests, I said that when it went Silver on DriveThruRPG, I would release the rules here as a Creative Commons SRD. Ten days later, it hit silver. I put out a call for people to report any errors they found, and with the help of three awesome people, I’ve got

Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests

Around six months ago, I released Fateful Concepts: Character Aspects, which has been a bit of a hit! I’m happy with the response—it’s currently an Electum seller on DriveThruRPG—and

The Fantasy Fixer

Yesterday, I had a confounding moment—I needed a good word for the spy/cyberpunk idea of the fixer, but for a medieval fantasy setting. Anyone know a good medieval fantasy word that essentially means “fixer” a la cyberpunk? — Ryan Macklin (@RyanMacklin) January 13, 2015 I got a host of responses. Because of the very specific

Klingon Mythender

A friend sent me this image a few weeks ago, saying that it made him think of Mythender: From the Star Trek wiki: According to Klingon mythology, Kortar (also Kotar) was the first Klingon. He and his mate destroyed the gods who created them, and as punishment, Kortar was condemned to ferry the souls of the

Criticals of Majesty

Here’s a small idea that jumped into my head as I listened to the second episode of The Adventure Zone podcast—a D&D actual play podcast by the folks