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Alignment as Cosmic Force

I’ve been listening to Ken & Robin Talk About Alignment, which has made some thoughts resurface—namely, that I find alignment a potentially interesting character creation (or rather, a

The Dinner Party Format

As a busy adult who doesn’t have a regular gaming group, one thing that I am very interested in is using RPGs as a dinner party activity. It’s something I uncovered while pitching A Penny for My Thoughts to people—that as a three-hour game, it fits in nicely in an evening involving dinner. I don’t mean

Katanas & Trenchcoats: Car Wizards

If you’ve ever been to Gen Con, your life has been touched by a dear friend of mine: Derek Guder, the Events Manager for Gen Con. He’s been

Drawing Mild Consequences from a List

When I see rules like conditions in Mouse Guard and Lady Blackbird, or stress in Smallville/Cortex Plus Drama (which I expounded upon years ago), I see something of strong value: a concrete list of statuses that focus action and play. Then I think about consequences in Fate, and for the most part I enjoy their open-ended

KLANG! Attack-as-Defend in Fate

I did an experiment in Katanas & Trenchcoats as a way of remodeling flows of conflict: I allowed attacking as a blocking response to attacking, with whoever winning inflicting

What Are Your Must-Play RPGs?

I was talking with a someone yesterday evening about what tabletop roleplaying games to play in order to better understand the hobby. I said I would send them a list of games I think they should play. But I’m just one person with a perspective that, while educated, is still singular. You know what isn’t singular? A