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Furious Seven & Technocratic Vulgarity

If like me, you’re a Mage: the Ascension fan who likes playing with more Technocratic ideas and modes of play over Traditional ones, you see that technomagic is basically a hack to the original magic system that is mostly complete, but not entirely. One of the places it’s lacking is in explaining what a Vulgar

Other Humor Games!

You may have caught Ed Grabianowski’s article on io9 about various April Fools Day tabletop games, featuring my own Katanas & Trenchcoats. I want to point out some humor games that weren’t mentioned in that article—though you should totally read the article, or at least check out K&T’s uncle-who-could-be-its-dad, Dudes of Legend. The two full games I mention

Katanas & Trenchcoats is Live!

Do you yearn to portray the passionate and harrowing drama of awesome Immortals in a secret supernatural world? Does your heart sing the ancient aphotic melody of ’90s

K&T Conspirators Revealed!

Today, let’s take a peek at the interior of Katanas & Trenchcoats, the game that will totally revolutionize roleplaying[1]: Look at that gorgeous badness. Of course, I had to hide some… incriminating details, including chop off the bottom. But for those who are too timid to click on the image to get to the much larger

How You Chronicle an Immortal

How do you chronicle an Immortal in the upcoming Katanas & Trenchcoats? With a majestic record sheet. Yeah, click on that action to peep all the deets on that sheet. That’s just the 1-page version. If we’re all deserving enough, there will be 2-page, 4-page, 16-page, and 320-page versions in the future. Sheet designed by

Leaking Like a Sieve

I teased you all with a little tidbit yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t a fair tease. After all, it only showcases my talents at ’90s Geocities web-fu, right? Wrong, motherfuckers! Let’s get real. Let’s get cray-cray. Click on that for the full cover. This roleplaying game is so majestic. But don’t take my word for it—I had over