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Redefining Success with Style

Doing conversion work with Fate has really opened my eyes to the myriad of ways in which it works differently from other adventure games. Lately, my thoughts have turned to Fate’s version of a critical success: success with style. One of the criticisms against Fate is that you can buy your way into success, which

Fate Aspects: Defenders in the Mist

I routinely talk about why we on the Fate Core team made the decision to narrow characters down to five characters aspects. I even do fewer, notably for

Coming Soon to a Dark Future Near You

Live the dream of the 90s one more time, for eternity. Play as immortals, and other stuff that’s awesome, I guess! That’s right! The hit roleplaying game based on the hit television show based on the hit movie based on the hit real secret history of immortals is going to be Kickstarted! Also, IndieGoGo’d. Maybe

Emerging Threats Unit: Unnatural Sciences

It’s been too long since I posted up an Emerging Threats Unit bit. Today, I’ll share what is one of the more horrific elements of the setting: what the ETU calls “Unnatural Sciences.” In brief: if you survive being in the ETU long enough, you cannot resist the pull of supernatural forces, and those forces

On the Social Component of Rules

A bit ago, I had someone tell me that they threw out Bonds in Mythender because they didn’t see it as having any value in a one-shot environment[1],

Symphony: In Nomine *World

Much as with Mage: the Ascension and other 90s games, many of us have a deep love of Steve Jackson Games’s In Nomine. Unlike Mage, IN isn’t getting a