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Convention Games & Calling Cards

Here’s a thought for publishers out there of the small press stuff. For the past several years, I’ve flown around from convention to convention running indie games for people. This is a repost from 2011, and seems topical since Gen Con is coming up soon! Many of them try several games, like sampling a buffet.

FAE Approaches & the Trouble Die

When I run Fate Accelerated at conventions, I invariably come up with situations where someone’s best approach is just a little weird or feels wrong to me for

The Extra Secret Service: Coming Someday

I’ve hinted at working on a weird Fate/Apocalypse World Engine blend, which started as a joke and turned into a genuine project as it wouldn’t leave my head. And it turned into the backdoor redesign of the Emerging Threats Unit, after my Big Bad Con 2014 playtests revealed too many fundamental flaws with my past

Richer Character Aspect Compels

While working on a small project over the weekend, I finally articulated an idea that’s been kicking in my head for some time: What happens if we award fate points

Alignment as Cosmic Force

I’ve been listening to Ken & Robin Talk About Alignment, which has made some thoughts resurface—namely, that I find alignment a potentially interesting character creation (or rather, a

The Dinner Party Format

As a busy adult who doesn’t have a regular gaming group, one thing that I am very interested in is using RPGs as a dinner party activity. It’s something I uncovered while pitching A Penny for My Thoughts to people—that as a three-hour game, it fits in nicely in an evening involving dinner. I don’t mean