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ETU Big Bad Con 2014 Report

I ran two Emerging Threats Unit builds back in October, one the Friday night of Big Bad Con and one that Saturday night. I built a character sheet prototype that had a good deal of the rules on it, mainly so that I had the rules written down somewhere for myself and for the playtesters. Warning: this

Wildlings Hacks in my Head

I love John Harper’s Wildlings. A few years ago, he put out just the one 5-page Player’s Kit, and I ran with it. Wildlings is a great system for

On Our Imperfect Fun

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Dungeon World, even when the hit point system and action economy seems to jar against what the Apocalypse World engine does. I’ve had a lot of fun playing Unknown Armies, my favorite roleplaying game, even with the whiff factor endemic to percentile systems. My group enjoyed playing Burning Empires, even when the

Forget it Jake, it’s Sweettown

Something clicked in my head over a year ago: the board game Candyland could be used as an analog to the movie Chinatown. No, bear with me here. In Candyland, you

Musing on Choreography in Mechanics

I had an interesting conversation recently about the notion of mechanical “choreography” in roleplaying games—the idea that the system running a conflict is like a smooth dance with a partner that pushes those involved to narrate back and forth. My friend was talking about trying different systems for a swashbuckling vibe, and being disappointed by a

Recruited into Edom: Dracula Dossier

The master of eliptony Kenneth Hite recently recruited me in the war against Dracula known as the Dracula Dossier, and it seems appropriate that, on our darkest of Fridays, I talk about being