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Daniel Solis on Master Plan Live, 9/8/13

The first of the Master Plan Live episodes has finally been scheduled! The talented Daniel Solis will be on to talk about his  card game design and prototyping process, the results of which he’s frequently posted about on his blog. We’ll talk a bit about the process of creating his upcoming game, Belle of the

The Future of Master Plan

At the time of posting this, the Master Plan Kickstarter is at $2590. We’re already funded, so there will be more Master Plan! (In fact, the first new episode dropped last week.) But we’ve still got 32 hours to go and some stretch goals ahead of us. As of right now, you guys have unlocked

Master Plan #55 Released!

Listen to Master Plan #55 here: The first of the basement tape episodes! Ryan recorded a fantastic interview with Luke Crane back in Gen Con 2009, talking about the GM’s & Players’ Turns in Mouse Guard. It turned into a discussion about text design, reader assumptions about RPGs,  media touchstones and their pitfalls, and of

Kickstarting Master Plan!

You remember my old game design podcast, Master Plan? Well, I’m Kickstarting it! “I believe in world where we can all dream big! I believe that the power to create and publish games is in every man, woman, and child! I believe that we all have Master Plans, and I want to help you realize yours!” Hello

Podcast: RoleplayDNA on Sandbox Games

Last night, I had the pleasure of spending the evening chatting with Ron & Veronica Blessing, Ed Doolittle & Lee Langston[1] on their new gaming podcast, RoleplayDNA. We discussed sandbox games, including: What we see is and isn’t a sandbox game The sorts of sandbox games we’ve run before Sandbox games and IP games Degree

Hacking Damage in Dungeon World

Writing about Dungeon World in my 2011 round-up post made me think more about it. And if you listen to today’s Podge Cast episode where David Pinilla & I talk about hacking games, you’ll hear me spout forth love for Dungeon World. Oh, that reminds me… Relevant Annoucements I talk about hacking games on the