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Conversation with Minerva Zimmerman

This morning, the talented Minerva Zimmerman posted the latest in a series of conversations she’s having with writers. This one is with yours truly, talking about a host of stuff including RPG writing, setting design, Storium, gnomes, being/not being “Ryan Fuckling Macklin from the Internet,” brief lion copulation, and weird things we know from day

Chatting with Friday Afternoon

Shortly before my wedding, I was invited to sit down and chat with the resplendent Friday Elliot, proprietor of amazing geek-themed teas. She and I have known each other for a couple years, since chatting at a random meetup when she did a tea tasting at the Wayward Coffeehouse. Wherein Friday and I talk a bit


Today, I turn 36. I’m old enough to smoke my adult years, or my adult years are aged to a respectable drinking age. (I’m having a cigar and scotch tonight, hence the metaphor.) If you know my story, you know that I didn’t expect to be alive today. For my birthday, here’s what I’d like

A Reminder About Forums

An unfortunate thread on today (that isn’t worth linking to) prompted a lot of bile on the Twittersphere. Here is my official response to such things: Edit Dec 2012: The inverse, “People hate something I like…” also applies. – Ryan [Image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribition-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Original from]

Two Podcast Production Sins

Last week, I was on #zinechat talking about podcasting & new media. As these discussions tend to go, we talked about production. I was asked to go into further detail into two of those production topics by a reader. Sin #1: Cutting All The “Ums” I understand the impulse to do this. When you’re editing

I’m on #zinechat this Wednesday, May 25th

There’s this really cool this called #zinechat, a Twitter-based panel chat about different topics in small press-land. Jaym Gates runs this, and you can find out about this year’s schedule at This month, Jaym won’t be able to moderate it, but she’s enlisted the aid of Lillian Cohen-Moore (who is the co-editor on Solis’