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Surviving Crunch Time

In games, in tech, in many professions, there’s the idea of “crunch time,” where you need to work a considerable amount of overtime in order to make deadlines,

Opportunities Do Not Stop Coming

Years ago, I said something to a dear friend of mine that moved her. She was worried about missing an opportunity due to a health problem, and that would be the only such opportunity she would ever have. We talked, and she wrote down what I said onto a post-it and put it on her

Making Co-Creation Work

Last year, I wrote about the perils of coauthor projects. Of course, I keep getting involved in them, one of the latest ones being the Mage: the Ascension lovefest we’re doing called Project Paradigm. We stalled for a bit, until I remembered a couple tenets of doing co-creator projects: First, Co-Creation is a Dance …in that

Writing is Exorcism

Ideas pop into our heads all the time. They haunt us, chew at us, make demands of our psyches. They are demons, sure as not, but there is a way to exorcise them. Write. Writing isn’t a promise or a commitment. When you take out a piece of paper to write a random, wacky idea

Your Friends Aren’t Necessarily Good Playtesters

One of the issues that game designers — new and old-hat — deal with is getting people to try our games. The newer or less-known you are, the smaller your pool of available testers is, which generally means you ask your friends to help out. However, there’s a bit of a problem with using your

Not Giving You What You Want

One of the most curious aspects of game design is balancing playtest feedback with what’ll make the game functional. Invariably in playtesting, I’ll get some sort of response back akin to “we wanted more choices/skills/hero points/etc.” Of course you do, I think, you’re human. That’s not what I say, of course, but that’s always my initial