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My Winter Depression

Real talk time: I’m going to ramble about how this season affects me. November and December hits me hard every year, and it’s been worse since I moved

Fixing Relationships with Vocal Conversation

One of the upsides to our interconnected world is that we can collaborate and partner up with people from all across the globe, pairing people of different skills and passions together to make awesome stuff. Some of the most fun I’ve had has been as part of partnerships: Paul Tevis and I on his A Penny

Playing the Deadline Game

Let’s talk a bit about the Deadline Game. As freelancers, we’ve all played it at some point—and many of us play it regularly. The Deadline Game is where you effectively gameify deadlines for freelance projects. If someone says that a project is due on Monday, November 3rd 2014, you figure if you turn it in

Bad Phrases in Writing 4: Personal Tics

It’s been quite some time since I did a Bad Phrases in Writing post. So let’s talk about some. Specifically, let’s talk about you. Grab something you’ve written that’s around 750–1,000 words. Raw text, not edited. Lay it out in two-column format, print it out, and hand it to a friend who is good at catching

Packing Tip: Cling Wrap

Every year I travel, I pick up a new trick or two. This year, it’s using cling wrap to secure my toiletries and booze bottles that use corks. As I’m traveling on my honeymoon, I figured I’d put it through the test and document the results. I’ve got a simple plastic travel bottle of shampoo

One Call to Action: My ENnies 2014 Acceptance Speech

You may have heard that Fate won some ENnies this year. When we went up for Best Rules, at the end I grabbed the podium and said some words. I’d like to thank the Fate community for enabling us to be here. And speaking of community, thank you to everyone who takes a stand against bigotry,