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Finding Beauty in Imperfection

This is a picture of my favorite cup. I bought it back in 2011 from a farmers’ market in Oakland, from a woman who made many by hand. I

We All Get Scared

I start my new job—indeed, shifting career paths—this week, and I’ll admit some trepidation[1]. When we shake up our lives, even for the better, we’re entering uncharted territory.

Sometimes We Need Project Managers

Earlier this week, I mentioned that sometimes we need mediators. Sometimes we need project managers too, for similar reasons. The people who get into any creative business—especially those

Sometimes We Need Mediators

There’s a systemic problem in the hobby games business: most of us accidentally fall into business roles we neither expected nor  trained for. How many heads of RPG publishing studios

Say No to Audition Work

Over the weekend, an acquaintance from various conventions referred his friend to me for editing. It was for a fiction manuscript, which is more my wife’s wheelhouse than mine, so I explained her introductory service of editing the first 5,000 words of a project for a nominal fee. (Not unlike my short development consultation service.) What I

“On Acceptance” is Not a Magic Bullet

There’s been a push in the indie RPG publishing realm to eschew the idea of paying writers, artists, and other creators on publication for paying “on acceptance.” As someone who has done quite a bit of work for publishers, I’ve been screwed by a few to the tune of thousands of dollars. As someone who has hired