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Packing Tip: Cling Wrap

Every year I travel, I pick up a new trick or two. This year, it’s using cling wrap to secure my toiletries and booze bottles that use corks. As I’m traveling on my honeymoon, I figured I’d put it through the test and document the results. I’ve got a simple plastic travel bottle of shampoo

One Call to Action: My ENnies 2014 Acceptance Speech

You may have heard that Fate won some ENnies this year. When we went up for Best Rules, at the end I grabbed the podium and said some words. I’d like to thank the Fate community for enabling us to be here. And speaking of community, thank you to everyone who takes a stand against bigotry,

Another’s Accolades Aren’t Your Competition

The ENnie Awards for 2014 are up today! Plenty of buzz about it on Twitter, nominees celebrating each other and fans celebrating us. But there’s another side to this,

Respond to Your Email

Last month, Lillian Cohen-Moore wrote about some ways that people fail when it comes to using social media for business.[1] Today, I’m going to do that with email,

What New Creators & Publishers Can Learn From Working Out

Recently, with the good weather coming out and convention season coming up, I’ve decided to get back outside and do some light working out. I went to a

Q&A: How I Edit

On my Patreon, Jason Pitre asked: It’s been said that your superpower is putting yourself in other people’s shoes while editing. Could you explain how you do that? How do you manage the knowledge that you already hold and assume nothing while editing? This is a surprisingly hard question for me to answer. Before telling