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Another’s Accolades Aren’t Your Competition

The ENnie Awards for 2014 are up today! Plenty of buzz about it on Twitter, nominees celebrating each other and fans celebrating us. But there’s another side to this,

What New Creators & Publishers Can Learn From Working Out

Recently, with the good weather coming out and convention season coming up, I’ve decided to get back outside and do some light working out. I went to a

Q&A: How I Edit

On my Patreon, Jason Pitre asked: It’s been said that your superpower is putting yourself in other people’s shoes while editing. Could you explain how you do that? How do you manage the knowledge that you already hold and assume nothing while editing? This is a surprisingly hard question for me to answer. Before telling

Demystifying Style Guides

When I mention style guides, or ask for a style guide from someone I’m about to work with, sometimes I get a confused look — like I’ve just

On Overestimating and Underestimating Yourself

“People often overestimate what they can get done in one year, and underestimate what they can get done in three.” —something Paul Tevis told me The quote about is apparently a common bit of wisdom runners share, which is where Paul heard that from, and it applies to other facets of life. One thing I’ve learned

Four Tips for In-Person Betatesting

There are two overall phases to playtesting a game: early development playtesting, where you’re in the room and explaining much of the game as it is in your mind, and betatesting, where others are playing off of documents you’ve provided and trying to learn the game for themselves. Sometimes, there’s a point where you’re both