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On the Fashion of Language

Last week, I wrote the word “replayability” in a draft, and I got that red squiggly line indicating a spelling error or undefined word.  heard, read, and used “replayability” over the years with a clear understanding of what it meant from context, so I did what I always do when I encounter a red-squiggly word

Subtlety in Punctuation Usage

The thing to understand about grammar and spelling is that they’re more or less styles, and not as concrete of rules as grammarians and pedants would like. This is why when you ask about whether the serial comma is correct, the answer is in a style guide, not some solid answer from a single source[1].

Turning Impulses into Conscious Choices

There’s something I’ve recently rediscovered as I’m on month nine of dieting that’s also a part of how I handle depression and how I deal with being a creator in general: the first step in learning to change behavior is to turn impulses into conscious choices. (Maybe not the first step, but it’s pretty early in.)

Finding Beauty in Imperfection

This is a picture of my favorite cup. I bought it back in 2011 from a farmers’ market in Oakland, from a woman who made many by hand. I

We All Get Scared

I start my new job—indeed, shifting career paths—this week, and I’ll admit some trepidation[1]. When we shake up our lives, even for the better, we’re entering uncharted territory.

Sometimes We Need Project Managers

Earlier this week, I mentioned that sometimes we need mediators. Sometimes we need project managers too, for similar reasons. The people who get into any creative business—especially those