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How I Grill Corn (taking inspiration from elotes)

I got introduced to the idea of elotes—Mexican street corn—last year. I grill a lot of corn in the summer as part of meals, so people kept telling me to try elotes. When I looked over the ingredients, I stopped at “mayonnaise.” I loathe the look and smell of mayo, and tolerate a light coating

Delicious Grilled Apples

It’s Rosh Hashanah, and my wife tells me that apples are a big deal in celebrating the Jewish New Year. So it seems timely for me to do another food post—this time, about a grilled apples recipe I’ve been working on this summer. They’ve been glowingly described as “like an apple pie, but without the

My Offensive Salads

I’m long overdue for a food post. Growing up, I thought I disliked salads. I discovered in my early 20s that there was a type of salad I enjoyed: Caesar salads, especially

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken

Y’all asked for food posts, so taking a page from Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff and various Western Massachusetts-influenced indie RPGs, here’s a food post[1]. My wife has