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Open Loops

Early in David Allen’s Getting Things Done[1], his well-received book on productivity, he talks about “open loops.” The idea has resonated with me ever since reading that. Here’s a good link that talks about this idea (with further references), though I’ll bring up some of the highlights. An open loop is something that is on our minds, something

Editor Blogs

A number of my friends and fellow editors have blogs where they talk about the process of editing and creating games & texts. They’re worth reading and following, as people and as editors. Amanda Valentine Amanda is one of my favorite people, and I’ve learned a lot about editing while working with her on Dresden

A Primer on Working With Me

It occurred to me recently to write this somewhere public, where I can just point to it (and update when necessary). This primer is mainly for people new to working this sort of creative process, and prone to having emotional reactions to edits. A Primer on Hiring Me as your Editor Hi! I’m Ryan, and

Handy Self-Editing Aid

My good friend, romance and erotica author & editor Sascha Illyvich, pointed out this cool tool to me a few months back. I’ve since used it on RPG projects, including the upcoming New World Order book, to help me out. But here I am, burying the lede[1]. Pro Writing Aid’s free editing web app allows you to

A Few Tips to Editors

Say you’re working on someone else’s manuscript, either as an editor or as a peer reviewer, and you’re marking it up to give back to them. And let’s further say you’re using something like Track Changes in Word on InDesign, where your alterations & comments will be visible. Here are some things to consider when

Passive Voice Words, Highlighting them in Word

My very patient friend, Minerva Zimmerman, is working with me to revise, or as I like to say, unfuck a short story I’m working on. Her and the other alpha readers I handed the story to complained about my passive voice. This amuses me, because I catch the passive voice in others’ work, but not