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My NorWesCon 36 Panel Schedule

Going to NorWesCon 36? Want to hear me flap at the mouth? I’ll be there! System Matters: The Right RPG for the Job Friday 1:00 PM, Cascade 2 Like the invisible hand of fate, the rules you use weigh on every aspect of your game sometimes in ways you aren’t even aware of. Are you using

My PAX 2012 Schedule

Now that I’m back from Gen Con, PAX is upon us! Here’s my (rather short & pleasant schedule): The Art of the Table II: Return to the Table Friday 9pm — Raven Theater Ben Mandall, Jeff Fasenfest, Sage LaTorra, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, Erik Mona, Robert Gifford, Mat Margalis The Art of the Table is

Gen Con is Upon Us!

So, here we are with another Gen Con. HOLY CRAP. Here’re a couple things: My Guest of Honor schedule is still posted here. If you’re wondering about alcohol at cons, I wrote about it last year. Don’t forget to check out Games on Demand, ICC 238. Adam Jury’s Gen Con attendance tips are fantastic. A

Awesome GMs at Big Bad Con

While folks are getting excited about Gen Con and PAX (to be fair, so am I), I want to let you know about another awesome little con that you could check out, especially if you’re on the West Coast: Big Bad Con October 5-7, 2012 Just look at who will be there: That’s right! Jason Morningstar,

My Gen Con 2012 Schedule

As some of you might know (and more will after reading this), I’m an Industry Insider Guest of Honor this year at Gen Con. As such, I’m on six panels: Beyond Child’s Play – Raising Money for Charity with Gaming Events Thursday 1pm — Westin Council — SEM1238067 Tavis Allison, Ryan Macklin, Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat

Dot Con Fest Panel Tomorrow

Rare weekend post! I’ll be on the Dot Con Fest Gaming Panel tomorrow, Sundary 26th, at noon Pacific Time. Hell, I’ll just quote the site, because it’s short: Gaming Panel (12PM PST) Sunday is all about games.  The day starts out with a good old fashion convention panel run by gaming guru Logan Bonner featuring famous game