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Folks I Admire: Double Exposure

Today, I want to say a few words about Double Exposure — a New Jersey company that puts on a few different conventions a year, including Dexcon (which is next weekend), Metatopia, Dreamation, Maelstrom, and First Exposure at Gen Con. I’ve been to Dreamation a few times in my earlier indie days, and I was at Metatopia

My NorWesCon 37 Panels

I’m slated to be a panelist at NorWesCon, happening next week! (As is my better half, Lillian Cohen-Moore.) Reasons to Leave Your Cave Thursday, April 17th 9p-10p | Location: Cascade 2 Does writing need to be a solitary profession? How can authors banding together improve their careers? Panelists: Ryan Macklin (M), Frog Jones, Frances Pauli What’s

Falling in Love with Metatopia

Recently, I was privileged to be guest of honor at Metatopia, one of the Double Exposure events held in Morristown, New Jersey. This was my fourth or fifth Double Exposure event, and my first Metatopia. And while I’ve known that Metatopia was awesome from posts and tweets from others from the last two years, I

Magical Convention Testicles

My testicle-having, convention-going friends, I’m going to get real here. Like, this real: My fiancée Lillian Cohen-Moore heard me complain at Gen Con about how the heat and humidity of Indianapolis this year (which was far better than in previous years, granted) made life a bit miserable, since I had to wear jeans to work. My

My Gen Con 2013 Schedule

This will be one of the busiest years I’ve had at Gen Con; but unlike other years, it’ll be easy to pin me down! Here’s my schedule: Panel: Ask the Paizo GMs Thursday, Aug 15th, 2pm-3pm — ICC 231 James Jacobs, Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, Ryan Macklin Some of Paizo’s most experienced in-house GMs reveal

2013 Summer Conventions

It’s getting to be that time of year, again! I’m sad to say I won’t be at Origins next week–I really do miss that show–but I’ll be elsewhere this summer. Go Play NW June 28-30 | It’s a little late to tell you about GPNW unless you’re a local, but this remains one of my