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The Doom of Seattle!

My friend Tony Dowler has made something breathtaking: The Seattle Doomsday Map is a huge painting of downtown Seattle devastated. Buildings have collapsed. Cars lie abandoned on I-5. Neighborhoods have been consumed by fire, water, and returning nature. Civilization has dwindled to a few scattered enclaves, but in those refuges, life carries on with full

Final Push for Fate Core

If you haven’t checked out the Fate Core Kickstarter campaign, it’s got a few hours to go. And I have three reasons that I think you should back this if you like RPGs: (1) From a design standpoint, the major and most of the minor changes in Fate came from weeks of conversations and debates

The Next Vicious Crucible

Today, I want to talk with you about Josh Roby’s latest Kickstarter, the Vicious Crucible of Villa Argentate. He’s doing something with Kickstarter that’s a bit different than most: he treats it like the Ransom Model, looking to collect a certain amount in order to make the game free for all. He’s done that with

Folks I Admire: Logan Bonner

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Folks I Admire post. Today, I want to talk about Logan Bonner (who is sitting behind me right now, unaware I am composing this). He’s my officemate at Paizo,one of the half-dozen full-time editors here. I had the pleasure of working with him when he edited the

Mobile Games and Satisfaction

I play a bunch of different iOS games, often while I’m outside enjoying my pipe. So when someone tells me about a new game that’s up my alley — logic or physics puzzles, games with RPG elements, and so on — I give ‘em a try. Here are a few short personal reactions to games

The Work Behind This Just In…

Many of you are familiar with This Just In…From Gen Con, which is doing its crowdfunding campaign at the moment. For those who aren’t: This Just In…From Gen Con! is a special podcast produced live at Gen Con Indy. Hosted in 2012 by Rich Rogers and Alex, Steph and Ed from the Yellow-Menace Podcast, they work hard to capture