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Folks I Admire: Andrew Hackard & Wil Wheaton

For my last Folks I Admire in 2013, I’ll tell you about two more friends of mine who are awesome and noteworthy humans. These two are awesome in their own rights, and when paired together make palpable emotions and memories. Andrew Hackard Andrew Hackard is the Munchkin Czar — the guy in charge of one

Folks I Admire: Ana Visneski

Around this time last year, I had the privilege of meeting one of the most impressive people I’ve come to know in my 35 years on this planet: Ana Visneski. Ana is a goddamn hero. That’s a word we use too lightly in this day, but she is that in the classic sense: someone who

Folks I Admire: Cam Banks

Cam Banks is one of the most talented RPG developers I know of, and have had the privilege of working with on some Cortex Plus projects — the Leverage line and parts of the Hacker’s Guide, notably us teaming up together to forge Cortex Plus Action. When he announced a few months back that he

Folks I Admire: Sean Nittner & Jessica Price

It’s been twelve months since I last did a Folks I Admire post, so let’s fix that. This month, I plan on doing a Folks I Admire post every Friday. The two people I’m going to talk about today are two project managers in the RPG world: Sean Nittner and Jessica Price. Sean Nittner Man,

Get Your Spark On

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the Spark RPG. You may have heard about it on Twitter or whatever, but weren’t drawn in because the title isn’t THE SPARK OF DEATH or Emotional Sparks Galore or Sparkender or anything like that. The title is simple. It’s a bit like a

The Doom of Seattle!

My friend Tony Dowler has made something breathtaking: The Seattle Doomsday Map is a huge painting of downtown Seattle devastated. Buildings have collapsed. Cars lie abandoned on I-5. Neighborhoods have been consumed by fire, water, and returning nature. Civilization has dwindled to a few scattered enclaves, but in those refuges, life carries on with full