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Risk Legacy & Long-Term Stakes Design

I’ve been playing Risk Legacy for the past few months, and recently finished Game 9 with my local crew. And I’ve found a weird, somewhat unsatisfying point in the game that I want to talk about, because it’s making me think about long-term stake design. I should note that there are no spoilers in this

Three Tips on Demoing Board Games

I’d like to share two three tips on demoing board games to people: #1: Play the most basic game possible Perhaps the game you want to introduce your friends to has some expansions that make your experience better, or there’s a higher difficulty mode. That’s great for people who have the lingo & pacing of

My Top Games of 2011

It’s good to look back and see how games have changes our perspectives, enriched our lives, or just helped alleviate boredom & curiosity. This list is of the games that gave me something to think about and I think is worthwhile for others to. These are in no particular order, and I’ll end up cheating

Disappointment in Mayday Games

A bit ago, I bought into Get Bit‘s Kickstarter. I was pretty excited by this, because it’s a cute game by Dave Chalker, and watching a video of the game played/reviewed told me it’d be a fun game to play with kids (and thus a fun game to play with drunk friends[1]). That it was

Race to Adventure! at Big Bad Con

This Weekend, at Big Bad Con… Are you going to Big Bad Con this weekend, in currently-not-so-sunny Oakland, California? If not, why exactly do you hate adventure? Because if you loved adventure, you would Race to it! Evil Hat Productions’ Race to Adventure, a pulp action-selection game set in the Spirit of the Century universe,

Using Smartphones For Playtests

Lately, I’ve been playtesting Zeppelin Armada, a card game being developed by Evil Hat & Jeff Tidball. I’ve playtested some other stuff for Tidball, including Fantasy Flight’s Horus Heresy. I like playtesting card & board games. And over the years, I’ve refined my process for being able to give decent feedback — and they all