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Variant Score-Keeping for Party Games (Untested)

I’ve been playing a little bit with an Apples to Apples-style party game—nothing worth announcing yet, just kicking some thoughts around. One of the things I’ve been wondering is about how we keep score in that style of game: generally by keeping the card we win. That’s pretty neat, because it creates a sense of

11 Rules for Board Game Rules Writing

I occasionally get hired to edit board and card game rules. I drafted a short list of dos and don’ts for a client, and figured some of you

Running Unknown Armies like Apocalypse World

I’ve got Unknown Armies on the brain right now, and several months ago I said I use concepts and methods from Apocalypse World for it. Shortly after I started playing AW, I clicked on how its gritty, hard-fought choices fell in line with how I loved UA. After some early attempts, I ditched my work

Thoughts from Chess 2

A couple months ago, Chess 2 caught my eye. I love chess, and don’t buy into “purist” philosophies, so anytime someone comes up with a variant for chess my interest is piqued. However, there’s one problem: the designer is treating modern-day chess as “Chess 1,” asserting that the game has been static since its inception.

My Old Drunken Chess Tournament Rules

Hearing about Chess 2 (which I want to talk about in a future post), I decided to revisit my chess-playing past and share it with you. Back in 2002, a friend and I got into a drunken (polite) disagreement about a chess rule, and at an impasse, we decided we needed to find a Drunken Chessmaster

My Risk Legacy Games [Spoilers!]

Spoiler alert! I’m going to post the end of game photos for the twelve Risk Legacy games my group played. I only took pictures of the board, and my box is in storage, so I don’t have written down who played which faction or who played in which games. (We didn’t have perfect attendance, and occasionally