Fantasy RPG Editor Bingo

fell adj. [inanimate object] dominates non- prefix, referring to a people/race/etc. but syn. for and exists as a replacement for "is"
a host of dark sin. for evil or bad berserk noun, verb, adjective, whatever nether can be found
potent/potency aged adj. [same adjective used three times in a paragraph] black syn. for evil magics, magick, or magik
lair verb whilst, amongst, etc. for naught ...from nightmares scrabbling [for purchase]
ichor mate noun or verb countryside [inanimate object] stands ...for your character

The rules: Print this out before you begin an editing pass on a document. Mark the bingo card when one of your terms comes up (or one that's effectively the same). Once you have a row crossed off, tweet @loganbonner or @ryanmacklin with a picture of your board, or show them in person to win the admiration of countless dozens.

FAQ: No, it doesn't count if you add it into a document you're working on. Even if you're adding that in a way that's proper usage and stylistically not crap.