Fantasy RPG Editor Bingo

nonetheless living rock/earth fell adj. [inanimate object] dominates bear verb
Legends say... unmolested but syn. for and either syn. for both hinterlands
as a result …or worse [overuse of
em-dash (—)]
berserk noun, verb, adjective, whatever they find themselves or singular
taint mostly unique or other qualifier that means its not unique epic ...from nightmares adorn(ed)
is careful to forbidding adj. reign countryside [inanimate object] stands

The rules: Print this out before you begin an editing pass on a document. Mark the bingo card when one of your terms comes up (or one that's effectively the same). Once you have a row crossed off, tweet @loganbonner or @ryanmacklin with a picture of your board, or show them in person to win the admiration of countless dozens.

FAQ: No, it doesn't count if you add it into a document you're working on. Even if you're adding that in a way that's proper usage and stylistically not crap.