Re-opening editorial consultation later this year

In Spring of this year, I’m going to re-open an old service I stopped doing long ago: five-hour editorial review of game texts, with an hour-long video call discussing my findings and suggestions.

Information architecture is my day job, and been my life in games for the last decade. I’m hella into unpacking effects of different text presentation styles, including:

  • The order topics, sub-topics, and meta-topics are presented in
  • how forward and backward references feel in a given text
  • What the language around different bits of info do (or don’t do) to cement information in a reader’s mind
  • What context channels are used effectively/not effectively

And other stuff that tends to be on my mind when I’m reading through games these days.

I’m offering this because I love talking about information design in this hobby, since most people talk about game design from a play/table experience angle and my passion extends to the reading/initial consumption experience.

Since sometimes people ask, I don’t have time to do actual editing anymore. I can only give five hours to any given project, and even then no more than two a month. I’m mostly inclined to donate my time to new, marginalized creators. To folks who can afford to pay for services, I’m looking at charging $300, which frankly will either go to charity or to helping out aforementioned new creators.

This doesn’t have to be for a commercial project. Working on a game design contest? Depending on the timeline, I could fit you in. Making some sort of zine/grungy ashcan thing? Let’s rock that. Already published something and just want to learn to make the next thing better? Fuck yeah. The only real requirements is it be a game (I’m not a great fiction editor) and you have an interest in expanding your understanding of this craft.

If this sounds like it could be your jam, hit me up at ryanmacklin@gmail.com