The Search for Katanas & Trenchcoats Artists

Howdy, folks! Recently, I brought Anna Kreider on for Katanas & Trenchcoats art direction. She and I are looking to put together a team of diverse artists and we want you—yes you—to contact us with portfolios and some information about you. Read the rest of this post for details.

Part of that paragraph was really important: “diverse artists.” We very much want portfolio submissions from a wide variety of great people. If you are a PoC, queer, trans or nonbinary, or outside North America or Europe, we especially want to hear from you.* Anna and I want a team of artist that will reflect the awesome diversity that actually exists both in fans of gaming and in the game’s setting. I talk about this in one of the Katanas & Trenchcoats Kickstarter updates.

New artists: don’t let questions about past experience in the next section scare you away. Even if you’ve never done art for a game before, still check this out. We want to hear from you if you have the passion. :)

If you’re interested in participating on the project, email ilikedoingarts@somanykatanas.com by Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 with all of the following.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Link to 1 or 2 places (no more than 2) where we can find samples of your finished art. Tumblr is okay, but portfolio sites are preferred. Deviantart or Behance profiles totally count, just help us by by making us not have to sort through unfinished work with the finished work.
    • The art styles we’re looking for: there are two themes in Katanas & Trenchcoats: ’90s dark gothic gaming and celebratory, whimsical joy. We’re looking to range from spooky photorealistic to a bit corny or cartoony, and styles in between.
    • If you think you might not be any of those sort of styles, but you have passion and interest, please still contact us! Some of the content unlocks have different vibes, and you might be exactly the person we need for a piece.
  • Why are you interested in illustrating for Katanas & Trenchcoats?
    • If your answer doesn’t go beyond “it’s a paying gig” or “I want some more gaming credits,” that totally cool but we’d rather you not contact us about this project. We want a team of artists who are excited about the project, because you can’t do your best work when your heart isn’t in it.
  • What experience do you have doing paid illustration, for games or other stuff?
    • Remember where I said don’t be put off by this? If the answer is “none”, that’s totally cool. A number of K&T writers are first-time writers. Everyone starts somewhere, and even an answer like “I do paid character sketches for people in my MMO guild every once in awhile” totally counts. Having done art on a volunteer basis but still had to deal with art specs and revisions as determined by someone else counts too (like Anna’s own experience doing posters for local theater organizations).
    • Please don’t sell yourself short. If you can take a commission seriously, we want to hear from you.
  • Are you interested in drawing beefcake?
    • Anna and I are in particular looking for two or three artists who are attracted to men and enjoy drawing sexy men to be part of the team. (Note: it takes more than being shirtless to be sexy.)
    • Being able to draw beefcake is not a requirement for doing K&T art. If this isn’t your thing, say so. You will not be penalized or be taken less seriously. We’re looking for a lot of artists to draw a variety of things.

Again, send all of this to ilikedoingarts@somanykatanas.com by Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. Because Anna and I want you to do well, I’ll say flat out that you will be judged on your ability to follow these guidelines, but don’t let that stress you. If you take the time to go over what we’ve asked for, you’ll be ahead of the most people.

One thing we’ll ask off the bat: Please don’t inquire about feedback on any pieces before we’ve commissioned you. We won’t respond to those requests because we won’t have the time.

When will we get back to people? If you don’t hear back from us immediately, that’s because we’re not responding to people immediately. We’re taking your information down, and may contact back if we need any clarification, but otherwise Anna and I need to solidify our plan once we know have out potential artist pool.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

*White dudes: you’re also welcome to apply. Guys like me aren’t the ones who need much encouragement or invitation to apply for stuff, so we want to make clear that we want a broad artist pool.