How I’ll Cope While Kickstarting

So, I have this thing I launched today:

And it’s going to consume my life for the next 30 days. So I thought I’d share how I’m planning on coping with the overwhelmingness of everything while the campaign is going.

(This post is not an April Fools’ Day joke.)

Take Time off of the Internet

Sarcastically: Right now, I have it scheduled so that between 4a-5:30a Sunday mornings, I’m allowed to not look at Twitter.

Really: I play a lot of Destiny, and I like to watch shows with my wife. While I won’t do these as much as I would in other months, I’m still going to take time away from social media, email, etc. to decompress. In fact, I’m hoping to make it so I get half of each Sunday away from all that, so I can recharge and dive into the next week.

Spend Time with Wonderful People

This dovetails in with the first tip.

I’m going to be at Emerald City Comicon for a couple days next weekend, partly to see friends who I won’t get to see otherwise. I have plans to play Katanas & Trenchcoats with friends, which is a nice excuse to have them over, cook some food, and be silly around dice. And of course, I’m not going to neglect my wife during this (or any other) month. She’s my world, and she’ll already have to suffer me stressing out about stuff during the production process—and already has over the last couple months.

Wonderful people can counterbalance the angry Internet rando factor. Never underestimate that, on either side.

Don’t Pin Self-Worth on the Campaign

I’m not Katanas & Trenchcoats. You aren’t your campaign. Even if your campaign is successful, it’ll have slump days—and you aren’t a slump yourself!

Tweet Stupid, Unrelated Stuff

I am not a mediabot. I will keep tweeting stupid Stargate jokes, random thoughts where the world is totally Mage: the Ascension, and weird attempts to regain some zen.

Cook Meals

Nothing is quite as joyfully disconnecting as spending time in the kitchen making some fried chicken, spicy tuna bowl, veggie curry, tacos, whatever. Running a Kickstarter cam encourage one to cut corners it other parts of life to make time and room; that’s how you burn out.

Also, I’ll try eating food without looking at my phone.

Hello, Bourbon

The best cocktail: bourbon with a splash of enjoying-the-moment.

Although the weather is turning brighten in Seattle, so maybe it’s getting to be gin & tonic season.

Don’t Remind People Who Tell Me I’m a Derivative Hack that I Worked on the Things I’m Riffing On

Or that many of my writers did.

Okay, this may seem pretty specific, but when people are trying to make a stupid Twitter joke at your expense, don’t try to fit against that current and win them over. Concentrate your energy on the people who are excited for you. Those fans might change hearts and minds, and honestly they’re always going to sound more genuine than you doing it yourself.

Or they won’t change those minds, in which case your energy was still better spent elsewhere.