Space Wizards: an Unofficial K&T Hack

Years ago, I heard someone claim that every RPG will eventually be hacked or used to play Star Wars, like it was a some sort of natural law.

Nature has come for Katanas & Trenchcoats, in the form of Rose Bailey’s hack called “Space Wizards.” That statement is totally unrelated to the previous one. Totally.

Oh, and enjoy this also-unrelated thing—a video that Ian Watson pointed out upon seeing Space Wizards:

Seriously, between waking up to see this and some really nice things said about some day job work, this haa been a pretty good Friday morning.




One Response to Space Wizards: an Unofficial K&T Hack

  1. Phil says:

    See, the video I think of when someone says “Space Wizards” is


    …Except that makes me want an eighties hair metal D&D hack for everything, not Star Wars.