The Search for Katanas & Trenchcoats Writers

I’m plotting the next Katanas & Trenchcoats projects, and want to find some new-to-me writers interested in “the Dream of the 90s” as I am. If you’d like to write for me on a Katanas & Trenchcoats project, email HarvestMe@SoManyKatanas.com by EOD January 25, 2016. Include answers to these questions/prompts:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What interests you about writing for Katanas & Trenchcoats?
    • If your answer is “I’m not interested in that,” that totally legit, but I’d rather you not email me about this project. There are plenty of opportunities out there in games, and you should go after (or make for yourself) ones that sing to you.
    • If the core book sounds like your sort of fun, but you don’t have it, please still contact me and let me know that’s the case! If you sound suitably interesting, I could part with a complimentary PDF. But I’m only doing that for up to five people who can’t otherwise afford it, and not immediately (see final point). It’s also currently part of a Bundle of Holding.
  • What games have you written for?
    • “None” is a perfectly acceptable answer! One writer on Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 7: Celestial Boogaloo was a first-timer. She was awesome to work with, better than some long-time writers have been.
  • What’s your favorite 90s (or 90s-ish) RPG?
  • I keep using the phrase, “the Dream of the 90s.” What does that phrase conjure up to you?
  • Briefly tell me of a small moment you experienced that made you feel hopeful.

Contact me before January 25th, 2016. You will be graded on how well you hold to those guidelines. :)

I am looking to keep the variety of writers I’ve had so far. I definitely want to talk with women, not-white, queer, trans, and not-American writers. That’s not to say I don’t welcome white, straight, cis, American male writers to also inquire; just know that I’ll want to see what different perspective you’ll bring to your writing.

Writing assignments range from 50 to 2000 words, depending on the project. (Those aren’t typos; I do mean fifty to two thousand.) The sort of topics I have slotted for upcoming projects include:

  • Mortal hunters in the Darkest Cosmos. Think Supernatural.
  • Sorcerers. Think Hellblazer etc.
  • Oppressive Corporate Totalitarianism in the setting, as a force of global antagonism
  • More on Immortal culture
  • Darkest Cosmologist junk
  • More on the other supernatural beings
  • Darkest Vancouver in detail
  • Different time periods—steampunk, mythic/ancient, etc.
  • Weird, odd-direction stuff, much like Car Wizards was

Some of those ideas may not happen, depending on interest and scheduling. But that runs the gamut of potential projects. Beyond that, I won’t get into specifics publicly—years of watching and doing that leaves me knowing that’s a recipe for disappointment. :)

When will I get back to people? If you don’t hear back from me immediately, that’s because I’m not responding to people immediately. I’m giving this process time to do its job well, and will reply as projects warrant. I’m asking earlier than when I crucially need people, because open calls + rapid timeframes = disaster city.

I look forward to hearing from you!