Let Some Quiet In

Over the last two weeks, I put aside any attempt or thoughts on non-day job work. That’s part of what lead me to evaluating why I do what I do (which partly lead to the last blog post of 2015, on creator nostalgia). Taking that time “off”—letting some quiet into my life—also gave me a chance to break from creating on auto-pilot.

Letting some quiet in helps us recharge. Even fun writing is work if you do it long enough, and taking time off helps us fight off fatigue. After seven days, I spent around two hours writing up rules to a minis game that’s been in my head for years, because I went from fatigue to having some fire.

Letting some quiet in kills momentum. Everyone talks about how momentum is a good thing, but there’s nothing inherently good or bad about it. Momentum keeps you moving in a direction, but that might not be the direction you want to go anymore, or it might turn out to not be the direction you wanted to go in the first place. I was thinking about doing a Kickstarter in 2016. I realize that I don’t actually want to do that, I just want it to have existed. Kickstarters are crazy exhausting and consuming. If I hadn’t let the quiet it, I would have kept on with that plan at the expense of my enjoyment.

Similarly, letting some quiet in helps you re-evalutate what you claim your goals to be and the regular things you do. For instance, I want to blog more about technical writing—in ways that apply to game writers—because I want to write about words as human interface. So I plan to do that as part of my 2016.

Letting some quiet in makes it easier to example what you’re lacking by taking the distraction of working away. I don’t play enough games. I don’t play with enough people. I want to do more of that in 2016. My limited time for games means taking some of the time I could earmark for writing and instead devote it to play.

Letting some quiet in can remind you of what you enjoy about your pursuits.

Most of all, letting some quiet in could help you be a better person. I spent less time on social media, which meant less time being disappointed in or frustrated with humanity.

Try letting some quiet in during your 2016.



One Response to Let Some Quiet In

  1. Heath Wilder says:

    Amen brother. A lot like vipassana. Not that I’ve ever done it but friends and family have and I’ve seen them with new insights post.

    And a great idea that I’ll try with my employment to tease out the reasons behind my current jaded out look.