My *Mas 2015 Offerings

I have two amazing things for y’all this season. One is pay-what-you-want thing for Christmasn, and one is part of a bundle for Epimas. Hence “*Mas.”

Santaender: a Mythender World

SantaenderEver since Wil Wheaton wrote about his Mythender experience Ending Santa, people have asked me about that game. I figured this year was a good year to make the Santa Mythic World—or Santaender—a reality.

It’s a 9-page PDF with how to approach the campaign against Father Christmas, stats for two Lesser Myths—elf host and island of misfit toys (the latter of which we played in the infamous game), two stages for the Mythender Moments, and stats for Santa.

It’s a darker take on the Santa Mythos, so it’s got use outside of Mythender. Perhaps you’ll use it with the following thing…

Price: pay-what-you-want. Feel free to grab it for free (pun intended). If you do throw a little coin at it, that helps my sales rankings.

Katanas & Trenchcoats: Epimas Edition

DancerOr more formally, Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver Epimas Edition. It’s part of the Specialist Dancer Epimas bundle. This edition of the game comes with a stat bump, as all special editions do, but even better than that:

  • All Epimas bundles come with some sweet, sweet action: you buy it and get the bundle right away, and a friend gets it as a gift on the 24th. Here’s your way of gifting a friend K&T!
  • Specialist Dancer also comes with some more sweet, sweet action: Sons of Liberty (which is fucking amazing), SparkFateLess (which I don’t believe has anything to do with Fate Core), and one of my fav issues of Worlds Without Master.
  • Each bundle is $12. How can you not love this?
  • There are eight sweet, sweet bundles. Getting four or more means 25% off your order. Getting all eight is 50% off your order. That’s 32 games and a host of Worlds Without Master for $48. Treat yoself this Epimas.

The Epimas Edition of Katanas & Trenchcoats ends with the season, so if for some bizarre reason you’re a collector, get it now. :D

If I seem to be going on about sweet sweet sweetness, I’m enjoying a candy cane, the official snack of Specialist Dancer. It’s like a Christmas cigar.