Monthly Archives: November 2015

What I’m Thankful For, 2015 Edition

It’s the day before American Thanksgiving. At its best, it’s a time to acknowledge and reflect, so that’s my jam today. I’m going to focus on two things to

A Month of Celestial Boogaloo

A.K.A. “The Math of Being Financially Nonviable” I joke that my imprint’s tagline will be “Making financially nonviable games since YOUR FACE,” since I take a more or less devil-gives-a-fuck approach to making games now that I can. I mean, I do have a budget and I have to not be a moron about it,

On Approaches Making Fate Better

After thinking about it for the last three years: Fate Accelerated’s approaches are best thing to have happened in the Core era of Fate. They’re a weird thing

How Destiny Made Me Rethink Setting Details

Destiny is set is the distant future as much as Star Wars is set in the distant past. The setting pitch: Around today, as you’re reading this blog

Fun with Metaplay in RPGs

When my game group played a really epic game of Primetime Adventures back in 2009, we took to the language of television shows like ducks to water. In particular, we

Expressing the Essence of Character

I’ve talked about the idea that Fate’s a setting and character expression system as much as it’s a game system (though perhaps not directly so on this blog).