My October Offerings: Angels, Ghosts & More

I love horror games. I’ve written a lot about horror games in the past. When it comes to games, this might well be my favorite month of the year. This year, I want to share some spooky goodness your way.

First, Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 7: Celestial Boogaloo dropped today. I drafted an all-star cast, including In Nomine-veteran and murder hobologist[1] Emily K. Dresner, to write about angels and demons in the Darkest Cosmos. Juan Ochoa did wonderful illustrations, including the warrior angel featured on this post. This was a lot of fun to work on. I’ll let my expertly crafted sales copy take it from here.

In Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver, you got to meet its Immortal population and get a little bit of sweetness around vampires, werebeasts, ghosts, vypers, and more. Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 7: Celestial Boogaloo adds some sweet and spicy to that sauce with the power of angels and demons.

That’s right, welcome to Darkest Heaven and Deepest Hell. God got fed up with angels constantly being angry about the Fallen—that doesn’t make for a chill vibe—so He left and took most of the cool angels with Him. You probably have an idea of what Heaven’s like after that. Hell, on the other hand, is a con artist rave that’s gotten too crowded, and demons love to get the hell out of Dodge and roam the Earth.

This completely original RPG supplement is inspired by prophetic works like Supernatural, The Prophecy (1-3 only; to hell with 4), Constantine (not as bad a movie as some make it out to be, I swear; Swinton and Stormare were amazing), and holy texts like Paradise Lost (at least the wikiquotes edition) and In Nomine.

Think of Celestial Boogaloo as the Book of Leviticus for the Katanas & Trenchcoats-verse.

There’s more to that, of course, but you’ll have to click on the link to read it.


That’s the big thing for October, and covers the “angels” part of the title. If you’re a Backstory Cards backer, you should have seen the “Spooky Portents” mini-expansion drop around a month ago, in time for your Halloween gaming. Our next setting grid, “Defenders in the Mist” (based on an old blog post about playing ghosts inhabiting animals to protect the living) should be out in the next few days I think. All our setting grids are free to the public, so you don’t have to be a Backstory Cards backer to get in on that action.


There’s one more thing I want to do to celebrate my favorite month of gaming: release the Extra Secret Service characters. The Fate+Apocalypse build ran into a project-sundering snag (that I should blog about), but that doesn’t mean I can’t go back to releasing the characters and supporting material as a Lady Blackbird-sized Fate ready-to-play situation. So here’s what I’ll do: if Celestial Boogaloo reaches Copper on DriveThru by Halloween, I finish up the Extra Secret Service Fate packet and release it—as pay-what-you-want, in case people still want to support me hiring artists to do stuff.

Oh, and if you like spooky shit and can get to Portland, Oregon this Halloween weekend: educate yourself on the Doll Asylum.[2]


[1] I never knew that all my life, I wanted to hire a murder hobologist. But here we are; I can’t imagine a life that’d lead to anything different.

[2] Travis, don’t click on that link.