Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Extra Secret Service Team

Happy Halloween! Here’s a preview of all the characters in the Extra Secret Service packet I plan to have out by the year’s end. This mini-setting is what I used to introduce Wil Wheaton to Fate, and the example setting we showed people for Backstory Cards. The specific characters came about when James Shields had a

My Illness Isn’t Your Excuse

Inspired by far too many conversations in the last year, please don’t tell someone who’s ill or in recovery “I would hire you for my project, but I want you to concentrate on getting better.” That’s such a horribly cruel thing to say to someone. Sure, I recognize what’s trying to be emphasized is “get better,”

Creatives: You Have a Real-World Job

A lot of my friends and former colleagues in tabletop gaming worry about what they’ll do for work when their jobs dry up for whatever reason. I’ve had several say “I don’t know how to do anything else” or even “I don’t know what real-world job I’d do.” Creative friends, you have a real-world job right now.

My October Offerings: Angels, Ghosts & More

I love horror games. I’ve written a lot about horror games in the past. When it comes to games, this might well be my favorite month of the year.

How I Set Up PayPal Mass Payments

As a freelancer, I’m a firm believer that the publisher is responsible for transaction fees. My rate is whatever cents a word, not that minus a transaction fee. As a publisher, I put my money where my mouth is, but I don’t exactly want to pay out the nose for that. Since I use PayPal

How Destiny Inspires Me

This is my Destiny character. I don’t know her name, but then no one does. She’s a Guardian, sometimes The Guardian depending on the moment. She has a