Looking for Furious Test Drivers!

I got eleven games on the line from the Furious Game Jam! These hastily slammed together cars needs some test drive love! A lot of cool games got modded here, and never the same one twice.

FGJ contestants: Can you play one in the next week? If so, post something you liked and something you didn’t on a G+ post, a blog post, wherever, then link here. If you do, I’ll review your entry and give some comments!

Others: We would love to know if any of these make you want to play, but we’re looking for comments only from actual play!

Without further ado, in the order they were submitted:

A Drink for Walker

Jesse Burneko, modding A Flower for Mara

You are a crew of creative and industrious thrill-seekers reminiscing about the awesome times you had with Walker.

Warning: This game requires drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Link to Google doc

Short Bus to Denver

Chris Constantin & Joe Amon (didn’t say what was modded)

Link to blog post

Mythically Furious

Garret Narjes, modding Mythender

Link to Google doc

Cars Don’t Fly

Adam Schwaninger, modding Hollowpoint and Uno

Link to Google doc

Grand Prix

By Tom-with-no-other-name, modding The Few

You are racing drivers. You probably hate each other, especially your team mates.

Link to Google doc

Drop the Clutch

Graypawn, modding Fall of Magic

Take back your life one quarter mile at a time.

Link to wikidot

Breaking the Glass

Steve Jakoubovitch, modding Breaking the Ice

Link to Google doc

2 Nights 2 Agents

Michael Duxbury, modding Night’s Black Agents

Taking the focus off investigation and onto driving fast, with an adaptation of the Thriller Chase rules for straight-up races.

Link to blog post

The Fast, the Furious, and the Feminists

Paul Richardson, modding Otherkind/Psi-Run

Link to blog post

The Effs

Alasdair Stuart, modding Cyberpunk 2020

Link to blog post

Racers Without Master

Step into RPGs, modding Swords Without Master

Link to blog post


4 Responses to Looking for Furious Test Drivers!

  1. Adam Schwaninger says:

    Too soon, Junior! :) I apparently jumped the gun. I’ll re-link my review of Grand Prix Something Something (The Few hack) here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109333990936576277189/posts/fQQNrxn4Q6q