Firing up the Furious Game Jam

Furious Seven came out on disc this week! I preordered my copy and watched it the night it came in, so it’s on my mind again (as it was when I made Katanas & Trenchcoats: Car Wizards and talking about it from a Mage: the Ascension Technocratic Vulgarity POV).

It’s also on John Harper’s mind.

And I have a bunch of other friends who love both the Fast and the Furious franchise and games. So hey, let’s have a…

furious game jam

The Rules

  • This is about tabletop roleplaying games. I mean, you can do whatever, but for this I only care about TRPGs.
  • Your game must involve creative and industrious thrill-seekers as its central characters. You know, like street racers. The “criminal” side of that is optional, or can be twisted around, because it’s sure as hell not a big deal once you get to Furious Seven! :)
  • Your game doesn’t have to be about those people or their culture. The early movies are, and the later ones become this awesome modern fantasy story where neither the characters nor the world realize the nature of said story.
  • You must mod an existing game. Street racing culture holds pride in modding machines, as well as in pushing machines and people to their limits.
  • Your mod must be 1320 words or fewer. That’s how many feet are in a quarter-mile. Also, that keeps this jam sane. Yes, that includes your title, name, and whatever else you put in your doc.
  • You must cross the finish line by Noon Pacific Time on Friday, September 25th 2015. How do you cross the finish line? Comment on this blog post with:
    • link to your mod. Posting the full thing, even if it’s just 10 words, means I’ll delete it.
    • The title.
    • Up to 30 words detailing the game you’ve modded and why someone should check it out.
    • Optionally, promote the contest elsewhere, so people could see what others have done along with you.
  • EDIT 9/22: It doesn’t need to be a polished, perfect thing. If what you got is a “preliminary” draft, bullet point notes, or whatever, well this is just a week-long off-the-hip contest. That’s better than nothing! You can always polish later, if that’s your desire. You might not “win,” but getting your car on the line is nonetheless pretty awesome. :)

If you do all that and are happy with it, awesome! You’ve won!

The Extended Cut: Winning

If you want me and select judges—which might just be me, a secret cabal, Kurt Russell, who knows!—to actually declare a winner, you have to do something more than submit a game. You have to pick another person’s game, play it, and talk about what you liked and how it played out for you. Folks who post genuine, constructive feedback qualify for getting their game looked at.

Those who don’t, well, you brought a car to show, and that’s awesome (and someone might play yours!) but I’d like to see people drive those cars. Reply to that comment in the post with a link to your play experience by Noon Pacific Time on Friday, October 2nd 2015.

I should announce a winner sometime in October, those when exactly depends on how many people qualify. Whoever wins gets the prestige of being the Vin Diesel of gaming for a day. Maybe a week. However long you can hold onto the title of The Diesel. Alternatively, you can take the title of The Rock of Tabletop. Who’s gonna stop you?

EDIT 9/22: Seems like the “and play one” rule is causing people to not participate. So here’s the deal: if there aren’t many, then I won’t require playing to be the “winner,” whatever that means to you. So if what’s stopping you is not having play time next week, please submit anyway! :D


Got questions about the jam? Please comment!



22 Responses to Firing up the Furious Game Jam

  1. David says:

    For the acronym-inept of us, what exactly are NFA and FA?

  2. Mike says:

    Strictly speaking, Vin Diesel is the Vin Diesel of gaming.

  3. Jesse Burneko says:

    A Drink For Walker being a mod of A Flower For Mara. You are a crew of creative and industrious thrill-seekers reminiscing about the awesome times you had with Walker.

    Warning: This game requires drinking copious amounts of alcohol.


  4. Garret Narjes says:

    If you think about it, you knew this was coming.

    Mythically Furious

  5. Adam Schwaninger says:

    Cars Don’t Fly

    The demon love child of Hollowpoint and Uno, welded together and thrown out of an airplane.


  6. Tom says:

    Grand Prix something something, a mod of The Few:

    You are racing drivers. You probably hate each other, especially your team mates.

  7. Graypawn says:

    Drop the Clutch, hacked from Fall of Magic.


  8. Steve Jakoubovitch says:

    Here comes Breaking the Glass a hack of Breaking the Ice.

  9. Michael Duxbury says:

    2 Nights 2 Agents
    It’s a hack of Night’s Black Agents, taking the focus off investigation and onto driving fast, with an adaptation of the Thriller Chase rules for straight-up races. Hope you enjoy!

  10. Paul Richardson says:

    The Fast, the Furious, and the Feminists:
    An incredibly hasty Otherkind/Psi-Run hack.

  11. Racers Without Master

    A hack of Swords Without Master that puts the concept of ‘Fast’ and ‘Furious’ at the centre of the game.

  12. Ryan Macklin says:

    And we’re done! Well, done with the submission window. Follow-up post next week, but in the mean time, try one of these games! There are enough submissions that I’d like to see some play happen. :)

  13. Steve Jakoubovitch says:

    I’d glady playtest and review one of the submissions (probably Racers Without Master) but not before the 2nd of October. Can we ask for a delay (I’d just need one week more)?

  14. Adam Schwaninger says:

    These submissions are getting me to check out quite a few of their “source” games, most of which I’d heard of in passing but don’t know much about otherwise.

  15. No kidding.

    Oh to have time to do them all. :(

  16. can you extend the deadline to Saturday or Sunday? I won’t be able to get my gaming group together to test till then. :(