Delicious Grilled Apples

It’s Rosh Hashanah, and my wife tells me that apples are a big deal in celebrating the Jewish New Year. So it seems timely for me to do another food post—this time, about a grilled apples recipe I’ve been working on this summer.

They’ve been glowingly described as “like an apple pie, but without the crust” and “like solid applesauce.” If either of those sounds good to you, try it out!

apples on plate

What You Need for This Action

A grill. I have a gas grill, because being about to turn a grill on and off quickly is a boon for “I’m gonna grill 15 minutes before sundown” and “Oh, looks like we might have an hour between rain showers, I wanna grill.”

A large apple or a couple small apples. My wife loves pink ladies and honeycrisps.[1] You could also do this recipe with pears and other fruits of similar construction.

Butter. I used 3/8 of a stick last night.

Vanilla balsamic vinegar or similar, around two or three tablespoons. I didn’t measure last night. Last time I got a bottle was while driving through Bellingham. I also got some peach balsamic vinegar while in Leavenworth last month, but haven’t tried that yet. (Both places ship!)

Ground cinnamon. A few dashes.

Making the Sweetness Happen

Core the apple and slice it, making little apple donuts. I start by slicing a thin base on the side, so the apple doesn’t roll when I’m cutting the slices. Put the slices on a cookie sheet or something.

Melt the butter. Mix the balsamic vinegar and cinnamon together. While it’s still warm, thoroughly brush the mixture on both sides of the apples. I use a silicone brush, as normal basting brushes get all gunked up as the butter cools.

Get your grill going as a medium to medium-low heat, and place the apples on indirect heat. Let cook for a couple minutes, then flip. Repeat until the apples have respectable grill marks and are a bit floppy. Each time you flip, take some of the remnants of the mixture (which has at this point likely solidified) and baste the exposed side of the apples.

I tend to use the mixture itself as my timer: when it’s gone, I’ve probably grilled enough.

Take them off the grill onto a serving plate or whatever. TURN THE GRILL OFF. Let them cool just long enough to be edible without burning your mouth.

apples on grill

Enjoy! If you try it, let me know how it goes.


[1] Don’t let the post’s title fool you. It’s about making apples delicious, not about using bullshit Red or Green Delicious apples. :)


3 Responses to Delicious Grilled Apples

  1. Kit Yona says:

    okay that sounds effing delicious and your powers of prognostication clearly knew I was taking the kids apple picking this weekend WELL DONE SIR

  2. blackcoat says:

    Recommendation: When grinding your cinnamon, add in a little nutmeg, a little allspice and a little dried lemon peel.

  3. blackcoat says:

    Also, if you have a small metal or glass bowl, you can put it on a cool section of the grill to keep it melted.