Monthly Archives: August 2015

Revising Teamwork in Fate

Some people are critical of the teamwork rules in Fate; depending on the day of the week, I’m one of them[1]. The thing is, the +1 per helper

My PAX Dev Workshop: Text Design & Page Layout

Going to PAX Dev? On Wednesday (8/26) at 3:45p in the Vashon room, I’ll be giving a talk/workshop on how you can… well, I wrote the description, so let’s

Like Earth, But… [Random Table]

A week ago, I put out a call to make a d% table that filled in the phrase “Like Earth, But…” and y’all didn’t disappoint. :) Here’s the fill

My Secret Insights on Paizo’s RPG Superstar

I’ve been an editor at Paizo through two RPG Superstar competitions, and overheard a lot of conversations about it. I have some secret insights that will give you

Make Your Setting Welcoming

Got a cool RPG setting? Sweet! Many people buy and try new systems because of setting hooks, or even just enjoy reading cool settings for fun. When we design

Like Earth, But… [Call]

Every space opera/adventure serial with planet-hopping storylines portrays most planets with life as being like Earth, but with a twist. This makes sense, since those serials or scenes