For My 37th Birthday…

I turn 37 today, and for that decided to do something different: knock everything I sell on DriveThru by 37%. I figure that’s a cool way to celebrate with me. If you already have these, maybe tell people about the fun you’ve had with them, leave a review, or whatever? :)

For today, proceeds of all my books will go to… me, for a change. I figure if I’m going to shortchange on the price, I might as well not make it a slight against the charities some of these books support. :)


My award-winning game about killing gods and trying to not become one in the process. Mythender uses a bucket of dice to create a tactile reinforcement of the narrative, and was a runner-up for Indie RPG Best Production thanks to my experimental spread-based information chunking.

PDF: Free (thanks to people giving a friend thousands of dollars for cancer treatment bills)

Color POD: $15.75 (normally $25)

For more: MythenderRPG.com. Perhaps you’d like to read what Wil Wheaton had to say about Mythender?


Katanas & Trenchcoats

Last April, I unleashed this entirely fucking ridiculous idea called Katanas & Trenchcoats, my totally-not-Highlander, totally-not-World of Darkness RPG. It blew up like crazy, and I later revealed that proceeds go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital (among other places). A few weeks later, I dropped the first and currently only expansion for it, Car Wizards, my totally-not-Fast and the Furious-in-the-world-of-Highlander jam.

Basic Edition PDF: $3.14 (normally $4.99)

Premium Edition PDF: $6.29 (normally $9.99)

Car Wizards expansion: $1.25 (normally $1.99)

For more: SoManyKatanas.com.

Fateful Concepts

To date, I’ve made two collections of essays on Fate concepts. The first, Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests, is about the nature of character aspects, including the history of paring down to five character aspects and how to create different, dynamic aspect configurations. Then came Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests, where I got really freaky with the underdog of Fate’s action rules, the contest system.

Character Aspects: $1.88 (normally $2.99)

Hacking Contests: $1.88 (normally $2.99)

Desperate Journeys

I used to get talked into writing short stories for anthologies, and last year I gathered up a bunch of those stories I got the rights to into a collection. If you like tiny fiction, maybe you’ll like this.

PDF/ePub/Kindle: $1.56 (normally $2.49)

(Naturally it doesn’t sell well, because my main audience isn’t interested in buying fiction from game writers, so it was really an experiment about producing something in an ePub format.)

And to all you beautiful humans out there, go ahead at take +37 to your personal Grandeur rating today. I think we’ve all earned a Grandeuresque day!

Be well, y’all.

– Ryan


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  1. Jon Smejkal says:

    Happy Birthday!
    And thanks for sharing!