Cool Stuff Wednesday: All the Kickstarters!

There are four Kickstarters I’m excited about, so let’s do another Cool Stuff Wednesday!


Why I’m Excited: My wife, Lillian Cohen-Moore, and I edited Undying because of how utterly excited we were when Paul Riddle talked about the project years ago. We got to play it in our home, so we could see how Paul was running it, and even before we got the manuscript turned over with us, we workshopped the organization and the tone with him. I gotta tell you, getting a chance to workshop with a writer before getting the text is a joy.

I guess I should tell you why you should be excited. Undying is a naked vampire story game. By “naked,” I mean there aren’t distractions that could shift the game away from being about vampires and into “oh, and we happen to be vampires also.” Truth: I want to take Undying and use it to run Houses of the Blooded.

Oh, and you’ve probably already heard that it’s a diceless Apocalypse World Engine game. It’s pretty badass.

Also, the Undying Kickstarter video violates the rule I commonly tell people: your video gets maybe five seconds of soft intro before you have to give someone a reason to keep watching. I should amend that to “Your not-produced-by-Ryan Dunleavy video gets maybe five seconds…”

Ends in 7 days. Basic PDF tier is $10, physical $20, but check out that sweet $70 level.

14 Days

Why I’m Excited: I can’t tell if it’s more from the topic of mental interference (which my wife and I live with, as do so many friends and colleagues) or from being a two-player RPG. That’s a design space that continues to fascinate me, from when I first encountered it with Beast Hunters in 2006 to editing Showdown last year. I’m also really intrigued by evocative form factors, so having this game—about playing two weeks in the life of a migrate sufferer—appear as a day planner is a super cool idea.

Ends in 13 days. Basic print and play tier is $8, physical $25.

The Warren

The second AWE game on the list, and that’s two-for-two on AWE games here with amazing Kickstarter videos! It kinda blows me away, hearing Tim Rodriguez narrate this harrowing tale and that be the bulk of the video.

Why I’m Excited: The Warren is nothing short of breathtaking. I played it at Go Play Northwest 2014, and I walked away stunned in a way that no Apocalypse World Engine game has done to me before or since. There are so many little ingenious bits in the game, and I could gush on it for quite some time. Make no mistake, this is Watership Down the RPG. This is a game of simple terror. It’s Mouse Guard minus the “guard” part.

Ends in 19 days. Basic PDF tier is $10, physical $25.


Why I’m Excited: I saw Mark Truman back this, and the pitch hooked me. While I haven’t played Downfall, from how it’s described it feels like a game that fits in the space between The Quiet Year and Polaris—a space I didn’t know needed filling until now.

Ends in 27 days.Basic PDF tier is $10, physical $25.


That’s it for this post! I guess the one benefit of not going to Gen Con (or Italy, or another big summer trip) is that I have money for Kickstarters! :D I hope one of these piques your interest as well.

– Ryan


2 Responses to Cool Stuff Wednesday: All the Kickstarters!

  1. blackcoat says:

    Note that The Warren’s physical level doesn’t include the $5 shipping fee in the US (or larger elsewhere I’m assuming). So in order to actually get the book I had to back at $30.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Given that my readers aren’t solely US, I won’t state a Kickstarter’s shipping charges. Americans would do better to stop assuming that shipping is included with Kickstarters anyhow, especially since they’ve added that feature.