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4 Ways Out of Creative Limbo

I met an aspiring game designer a few days ago, and he asked me one of the toughest and most common questions that you can ask someone about getting started in a creative endeavor. This time, it took the form of: “I’m in this weird limbo where I’m afraid to share my ideas, but I

For My 37th Birthday…

I turn 37 today, and for that decided to do something different: knock everything I sell on DriveThru by 37%. I figure that’s a cool way to celebrate with me. If you already have these, maybe tell people about the fun you’ve had with them, leave a review, or whatever? :) For today, proceeds of

Convention Games & Calling Cards

Here’s a thought for publishers out there of the small press stuff. For the past several years, I’ve flown around from convention to convention running indie games for people. This is a repost from 2011, and seems topical since Gen Con is coming up soon! Many of them try several games, like sampling a buffet.

FAE Approaches & the Trouble Die

When I run Fate Accelerated at conventions, I invariably come up with situations where someone’s best approach is just a little weird or feels wrong to me for

Get Awesome by S.U.I.N.G. Life!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my functional-but-mediocre graphic design skills lately, as I want to find a way to go from having a D-game to a C-game, since that’s how one gets to a B-game.[1] During that means embracing the notion of “iterative failure.” On my walk home yesterday, I was musing on this

Cool Stuff Wednesday: All the Kickstarters!

There are four Kickstarters I’m excited about, so let’s do another Cool Stuff Wednesday! Undying Why I’m Excited: My wife, Lillian Cohen-Moore, and I edited Undying because of how utterly excited we were when Paul Riddle talked about the project years ago. We got to play it in our home, so we could see how