Monthly Archives: June 2015

Alignment as Cosmic Force

I’ve been listening to Ken & Robin Talk About Alignment, which has made some thoughts resurface—namely, that I find alignment a potentially interesting character creation (or rather, a

Me, Charity & Labor

I have a passion for making charity work. My very first publishing project, Finis: A Book of Endings, was created to fundraise for Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina. Mythender

The Dinner Party Format

As a busy adult who doesn’t have a regular gaming group, one thing that I am very interested in is using RPGs as a dinner party activity. It’s something I uncovered while pitching A Penny for My Thoughts to people—that as a three-hour game, it fits in nicely in an evening involving dinner. I don’t mean

Results of My Month-Long Distraction Experiment

I mentioned a month ago of an experiment to cut out some distractions from life, to see what would happen. I was partially successful. Let’s go through my list. “First, I’m going to pause blogging during that time.” Well, that I certainly did, aside from the Katanas & Trenchcoats: Car Wizards announcement. There was some good and