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On the Struggle to be Innovative

Many of us in the semi-technical/creative space of game design chase a dangerous dragon: of trying to be innovative. In my post earlier this week on marketing mistakes, I brought up not using the word “innovative.” That word wounds me when I hear it, all the more so when spoken from my own lips. It’s

What Are Your Must-Play RPGs?

I was talking with a someone yesterday evening about what tabletop roleplaying games to play in order to better understand the hobby. I said I would send them a list of games I think they should play. But I’m just one person with a perspective that, while educated, is still singular. You know what isn’t singular? A

8 RPG Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I feel bad for creators when I see what could be a good game get crapped on or ignored because the writer doesn’t understand how marketing text works—which