Katanas & Trenchcoats: a Month Later

So I released this silly (but not entirely silly) thing last month with the help of over two dozen friends called Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver. It was met with some acclaim and a crazy number of sales before I announced that proceeds are going to charity. Let’s share how well it’s doing, and what’s next.

The Take

Here are the April sales for each edition:

Edition Sales Gross Net
Basic 365 $1805.84 $1172.18
Premium 221 2180.28 1415.57
Immortal 57 1425.00 1363.29

Basic and Premium are from my DriveThruRPG numbers; DriveThru takes 35% of sales. Immortal is from direct sales via PayPal, where the cut taken is just from PayPal’s credit card fees.

That means K&T grossed $5411.12 in its first month, and I received $3951.04 of that. Not too bad for a random-seeming small game that I jammed together in less than three months.


My expenses fall into four categories:

  • Payable to freelancers (for writing, editing, development, layout, art assets, character sheet): $900
  • Payable to me (for writing, editing, development, publishing, letting a project eat up weekends I should have been spending with my wife and on other duties): $650
  • Non-human expenses (stock art, domain name, print proofs): $121
  • Immortal edition custom content: $10/copy, or $570

That’s a total of $2241, leaving a $1710.04.

$1500 of that is for the Seattle Children’s Hospital now; the rest I’m holding onto for the moment, for things like more print proofs and to fund something else K&T-related. Whatever isn’t spent of that goes to SCH at the end of the quarter, along with the May and June proceeds.

Important thing about those payout numbers: several freelancers asked me to donate their payment to SCH, and I donated some of mine to the Trevor Project after taking inspiration from Steve Kenson. However, those are still payable numbers, so they’re accounted for in this fashion. It’s important that even if I’m giving parts of my payout to SCH at the same time I’m giving the book’s proceeds to it, those are two separate things.

Also, some friends charged me less because of the nature of the project. The “payable to freelancers” amount would be closer to $1400 if not for that.

Immortal Editions

To date, no one has received their Immortal Edition yet. There are two reasons for this:

  • The Basic and Premium PDFs kept getting changed as people found errors, and I address complaints about the PDF loading slowly (which should be its own blog post)
  • Someone wise told me that all Immortal Editions should be released at the same time, because… reasons to be revealed. Let’s just say there may be  [REDACTED].

I have some done, and am looking to have all of them done around Memorial Day—May 25th, 2015.

I hope what y’all will see will make the delay well worth it. (And as a bonus, your Immortal editions won’t be based on a crappy PDF.)

The Darkest Future…

I have the text in for the first supplement, tentatively titled Katanas & Trenchcoats: Car Wizards, a Furious Supplement.

Because Car Wizards.

Like K&T, this supplement is for a cause. More on that when it’s released.


Happy Katanaing! KLANG!

– Ryan