Katanas & Trenchcoats is Live!

Do you yearn to portray the passionate and harrowing drama of awesome Immortals in a secret supernatural world? Does your heart sing the ancient aphotic melody of ’90s storytelling? Does endless fire burn within you to make an everlasting mark on this Darkest Cosmos? If you meet another Immortal in on a windswept street, do you fight with swords as your way of saying hello?

That’s because you’re a badass, and this book wants to be your best friend and squire. Katanas & Trenchcoats is your personal Egyptian Scots-Spaniard on this deep narrative journey. It presents for you—just you because you’re special—a totally unique system that isn’t at all ripping off countless other roleplaying games.

So gaze into this abyss, and let it gaze lovingly back. It wants to be a vessel for your truth. Open your heart and live the Immortal dream of the ’90s now!

What’s in this Action?

  • A custom system that uses d10s. Mind: blown!
  • Rules for creating not just Immortals, but also Vampires, Werebeasts, Technomages, Ghosts, and the Fey-Touched!
  • An exciting setting: the supernatural capital of Darkest Vancouver, with callouts to other parts of the Darkest Cosmos.
  • Crave rules for sex and soundtracks? Sink your teeth right in!
  • Want your LARP fix? You’re welcome!
  • Why yes, there is a character sheet!

Those Responsible

Contributors of varying sorts include: Justin Achilli, Tiara Lynn Agresta, Rose Bailey, Leonard Balsera, Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Brian Campbell, Dave Chalker, Brian Clevinger, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Richard Dansky, Erik Scott de Bie, Crystal Frasier, Jess Hartley, Adam Jury, Steve Kenson, Adam Koebel, Anna Kreider, Ryan Macklin, Matthew McFarland, Nathan D. Paoletta, Josh Roby, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, F. Wesley Schneider, Lauren Stone, Travis Stout, Jeremy Tidwell, Clark Valentine, Ian A. A. Watson, Eddy Webb & Filamena Young

“What Edition is Right For Me?”

Basic Edition

Do you yearn for everything we just said, but don’t feel like you’re worthy of the Premium or Immortal Editions? Got $5? Experience Basic Nirvana.

Premium Edition

The person who is interested in the Premium Edition wants a little more than the common Immortal rabble. You’re the sort of distinguished supernatural that wants things like a permanent boost of your Grandeur Rank, the glory of showing off your Premium Edition copy, and the joy of seeing it watermarked—that’s how you know it’s custom to you! $10 gets you Premium Nontradmarked-Magical-Lightning.

Immortal Edition

X-tremely special individuals don’t just want something that’s Premium. For you, that’s like last week’s fashion. Nah, I got your number. You want to be Immortalized. Well, that’s what this edition is for? For $25, you can get a copy of Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver with custom content. Maybe you’ll become canonized in the Darkest Cosmos. Maybe you’ll get a special Edge that you can lord over your friends. Who the hell knows! (I certainly don’t.)

Merely Part One…

There’s more to this announcement than meets the eye! An entire second post will have to happen to cover the majesty of it, which’ll be up tomorrow. Let’s just say the children are our future.

Psst. If you’re one of my contributors, playtesters, or Patreon peeps, you should wait for an email from me that’ll come this evening (Wednesday, April 1st 2015). It’s crazy late as I post this, and day job yadda yadda.


– Ryan


Wait, what day is it?


6 Responses to Katanas & Trenchcoats is Live!

  1. John Powell says:

    OK, I’m in for the Immortal edition. Give me my 90’s back!

    I get to be 30 years old again too, right?

  2. BeePeeGee says:

    You mean we get to play Highlander? Absolutely awesome!
    Hope this is no Apri fool joke.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      I don’t know what you mean. It’s totally impossible for someone to play a game based on that Intellectual Property. I mean, who could possibly. ;)

      K&T is based on the hit TV show Katanaguy.

  3. Matthew Glick says:

    Btw, who came up with “Darkest Vancouver” as the setting? I was a LARPING teenager in Vancouver in the mid-90s, so I would say the setting choice is *exactly* right.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Starts from this comment on the original Katanas & Trenchcoats thread in 2014. In fact, until I looked it up I had forgotten where the joke exactly came from. The thought for me was “Well, show set pretty much anywhere get shot in Vancouver, right? Then Vancouver is every place. MIND BLOWN!” I did up the skyline silhouette in Illustrator as a joke reflecting that.

      I hired Vancouverite and all around excellent human Adam Koebel to write about Darkest Vancouver. I sent him the skyline with “this is going in your section,” and he ran with it.