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The Power of “No, But…”

It’s very easy in the story/indie game community to embrace and fall into the cult of “Yes, and…” and the improv idea of accepting offers. I mean, I certainly have, because it’s a more fun mode of GMing and playing than the traditional refusal. But there are times—maybe not often, but still they happen—where saying

My Offensive Salads

I’m long overdue for a food post. Growing up, I thought I disliked salads. I discovered in my early 20s that there was a type of salad I enjoyed: Caesar salads, especially

Power Obsolescence

I have a couple principles in my life that I hold to very strongly, which I thought I’d write about after seeing the This Just In… from Gen Con relaunch: Build things that will outlast you. Make yourself replaceable or unnecessary in cooperative, beneficial ways. There are people who take pride in being the center

Things to Consider Before Entering into a Partnership

Today, I’ll speak to partnerships between publishers and creators. I’ve been in great ones. I’ve been in hellish ones. So I want to share what insights I’ve gained. On the surface, a partnership is great! One person thinks “I want to make a thing! But the logistics of it intimidate or bore me.” and another

Variant Score-Keeping for Party Games (Untested)

I’ve been playing a little bit with an Apples to Apples-style party game—nothing worth announcing yet, just kicking some thoughts around. One of the things I’ve been wondering is about how we keep score in that style of game: generally by keeping the card we win. That’s pretty neat, because it creates a sense of

Furious Seven & Technocratic Vulgarity

If like me, you’re a Mage: the Ascension fan who likes playing with more Technocratic ideas and modes of play over Traditional ones, you see that technomagic is basically a hack to the original magic system that is mostly complete, but not entirely. One of the places it’s lacking is in explaining what a Vulgar