K&T Conspirators Revealed!

Today, let’s take a peek at the interior of Katanas & Trenchcoats, the game that will totally revolutionize roleplaying[1]:

Look at that gorgeous badness. Of course, I had to hide some… incriminating details, including chop off the bottom. But for those who are too timid to click on the image to get to the much larger version, here are the credits:

Where the Blame Lies (Publisher/Developer): Ryan Macklin
Lieutenant Developer: Josh Roby
Rules “Design:” Leonard Balsera, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Ryan Macklin, Josh Roby & Jeremy Tidwell
Intense LARP Rules: Anna Kreider
Darkest Vancouver’s Maestro: Adam Koebel
Dashing Writers: Justin Achilli, Rose Bailey, Leonard Balsera, Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Brian Campbell, Dave Chalker, Brian Clevinger, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Richard Dansky, Erik Scott de Bie, Jess Hartley, Steve Kenson, Adam Koebel, Anna Kreider, Ryan Macklin, Matthew McFarland, Josh Roby, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, F. Wesley Schneider, Lauren Stone, Travis Stout, Jeremy Tidwell, Clark Valentine, Ian A. A. Watson, Eddy Webb & Filamena Young (feat. Rob Donoghue)
Underpaid Editors: Lillian Cohen-Moore, Ryan Macklin & Josh Roby (feat. Jessica Price)
Majestic Logo: Nathan D. Paoletta
Fearsome Cover Design: Tiara Lynn Agresta
Wicked Interior Layout: Adam Jury
Immortalrific Character Sheet: Crystal Frasier
Art Inquisitor & Period Photoshopper: Ryan Macklin (feat. bourbon)
Glorious Stock Photography by: dean bertoncelj, Willyam Bradberry, Kachinadoll, Peter Kim, Urszula Lysionek, Ruta Production, Skreidzeleu, underworld & Kiselev Andrey Valerevich
Other Art by: Juliet “Jules” Meyer & Ryan Macklin


– Ryan

[1] A full 360, friends! That’s right, we’ll be exactly where we started, but high from the vertigo! (Also, just high. 90s, baby!)


3 Responses to K&T Conspirators Revealed!

  1. Pedro says:

    I’m soooo intrigued!

  2. Magus says:

    When and where might were be able to purchase this lovely thing?