Get Showdown for Epimas!

Seth Ben-Ezra has made an amazing game that many of you would like: Showdown. It’s part of one of the Epimas bundles—and you have only a day to pick it and other games up at awesome prices!

Fun fact: if you buy an Epimas bundle, a friend also gets that bundle! But enough about Epimas. I want to talk with you about Showdown. It’s a two-player competitive tabletop roleplaying game about two characters who have entered into a duel to the death.

It isn’t about dueling. It’s about finding out the story of two characters who have been brought to this point of murderous intent. Parallel with the duel, you play moments of the characters’ shared history, beginning when they first met all the way to the moment before the duel is certain. When you make your characters, you genuinely have no idea what their motives are—you do create traits based on what your characters thinks of themselves, and in play have those challenged and proved wrong.

The description from Seth:

Showdown is a roleplaying game about two people who are locked in a struggle that can only end with the death of one of them. It’s for two players and should take between 60 and 90 minutes to play. Over the course of play, you and your opponent will be fighting over two things: the outcome of a climactic duel between these two foes and the history that led them to that duel. Win the duel, and you get to choose who lives and who dies. Control the history, and you get to shape why they fought in the first place. How did it come to this? Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? And who’s standing when the dust settles?

Want to know the answers? Raise your weapons and prepare to face the truth.

I’ve played this quite a few times: as rival wizards casting spells, as criminals shooting each other in the Arizona desert, and (of course) the obligatory Star Wars duel. For that last one, we started by saying that my character had a red lightsaber and my friend’s character having a blue one. That certainly started us off with the assumption that my guy was probably Dark Side, but in the process of play we discovered something fascinating: Their first scene together was as padawans in the Jedi Temple. My character didn’t fall to the Dark Side like I figured he would, but was driven away from the Jedi Order because he of a love triangle between him, who would become his wife, and the other character. My friend’s character would later hunt down all rogue Jedi, eventually finding my character’s family. The final moment before the duel, my character sent his family away, and he boarded the other character’s ship in order to slow him down to give his family time to escape.

Yes, I just told you about my character. What I want to convey is that in this very close-quarters game, which takes around 90 minutes to play, I was surprised and excited by what we created. It was this game that caused me to write Seth and demand to edit his game, lest I challenge him to a duel. I’m excited to say that Showdown is now not only available, but part of an Epimas bundle that you can gift to yourself and a friend.

If it’s after December 24th, 2014, then the Epimas bundle is over! But you can still get Showdown from Seth.

– Ryan