Monthly Archives: December 2014

My 2014 in a Word: Overwhelmed

It’s New Years Eve, a sort of a spiritual day for me, so I will briefly reflect on my 2014 in a public manner. Let’s get some Real

Game Systems Always Have Impact

Something clicked in my head a few weeks ago regarding the impacts game systems have that we might not necessarily feel. I was talking with a friend about

Revising the Emerging Threats Unit Setting

One of the great things about having game designer friends being able to call one up and talk out a problem. And typically, that becomes a conversation involving games you’re all working on, trying to unpack parallel problems and propose solutions to individual ones. So when Kit La Touche tells me that my Emerging Threats Unit issues

Get Showdown for Epimas!

Seth Ben-Ezra has made an amazing game that many of you would like: Showdown. It’s part of one of the Epimas bundles—and you have only a day to pick

Emerging Threats Unit Big Bad Con 2014 Report

I ran two Emerging Threats Unit builds back in October, one the Friday night of Big Bad Con and one that Saturday night. I built a character sheet prototype that had a good deal of the rules on it, mainly so that I had the rules written down somewhere for myself and for the playtesters. Warning: this

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken

Y’all asked for food posts, so taking a page from Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff and various Western Massachusetts-influenced indie RPGs, here’s a food post[1]. My wife has