Eclipse Phase Fate Conversion Playtest is Live!

After months of design work, with have the eagerly awaited Eclipse Phase Fate Conversion playtest—currently titled Transhuman Fate.

You can get it and read instructions of giving feedback at the Eclipse Phase site.

Transhuman Fate requires the base Eclipse Phase book for the world and narrative concepts, and Fate Core System for the rules. This slots between both books, and isn’t a replacement for either. (That would be a wicked huge crazy book.)

It weighs in at 70 pages, nearly 42,000 words (making it approaching Dresden Files in scope of the ruleset), and it’s got many of the crucial things we need to hammer down for this weird blend of Fate:

  • The weight of specialized knowledge skills lead to a “skill field” system that is a bit like what I did in Achtung! Cthulhu.
  • Morphs combine a bunch of things that Fate has mixed feelings about: player/character agency, character identity, and gear. So it’s the part that naturally gets the most love in this playtest.
  • We’ve got rules for mesh conflicts and situations, which incorporate a bit of the contests under fire concept.
  • The Rep system blends the role of Contacts and Resources in a way that aims to feel like the Eclipse Phase in-world economy. (In some ways, I think it fits Eclipse Phase better than it does for simulating real-world economies.)
  • There’s a mix of fidelity to the nuance in the Eclipse Phase world and streaming down to not break Fate’s underlying structure. That means we’ve got some really weird stuff going on here that we’re excited to try with a larger pool.

We don’t have the horror subsystem in yet—right now, you can treat horror as ego attacks.

As far as the playtest and my involvement, I’m going to watch and queue my responses, but Jack Graham of Posthuman Studios—the developer I’ve been working with—is going to be on point. I won’t immediately answer questions, because that actually screws with the playtesting process.

– Ryan

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  1. Ryan Macklin says:

    So that people don’t post playtest comments here, I’ll close the comments. Please use the EP forum, so that Jack and I can keep track of your feedback! :)