Recruited into Edom: Dracula Dossier

The master of eliptony Kenneth Hite recently recruited me in the war against Dracula known as the Dracula Dossier, and it seems appropriate that, on our darkest of Fridays, I talk about being involved in the project. I’m on desk to write the DramaSystem stretch goal “Perveniet Calix,” wherein you play the Dukes of Edom—one of the major group of antagonists in the Dracula Dossier—dealing with the protagonists that you’d play in the Night’s Black Agents campaign.

In PERVENIET CALIX, the main cast are the Dukes of Edom, tasked with the impossible — harness a medieval vampire for the 21st century’s shadow wars. Now rogue agents — and your fellow Dukes — are making the impossible even worse.

This DramaSystem Series Pitch will be available as a separate PDF. It can be played as a standalone game, or in between sessions of your DRACULA DOSSIER campaign, setting your NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS player-character heroes as the GM’s screw-tighteners par excellence.

I am super-excited about this, because it’s exactly the sort of multilayered storytelling that I love to engage with but rarely get to.[1]

If you haven’t heard of the Dracula Dossier until now, I  recommend checking out three things… if you love freedom and humanity.

I wrote a cyberpunk setting for DramaSystem in Hillfolk—”Tesseract, WY.”[2]—and I’m looking forward to diving into DramaSystem again.[3] Ken thought of me in large part because of my ongoing thoughts on the Emerging Threats Unit, which is both flattering and it puts me into an interesting headspace with regards to Perveniet Calix.

– Ryan

[1] This is a big chunk of what appealed to be in Burning Empires.

[2] This is the second piece of a cyberpunk setting I’ve been very slowly building, the first being Kilimanjaro Ring City in Technoir.

[3] DramaSystem isn’t unlike one of my great gaming loves, Primetime Adventures. Years ago, I ran a game similar to this concept for a Dresden Files campaign, where we took one session off of the Fate system and played a prequel game as a Primetime Adventures one-shot. So, again, totally excited to be writing Perveniet Calix.