Folks I Admire: Daniel Solis

I’ve said to some that Daniel Solis is the creator I want to be when I grow up.[1] I was overjoyed to work with him on the Origins Award-winning Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, helping him navigate some early waters in that design space—and I could tell then that I was talking with a genius. Today, he’s a respected and fascinating card game designer and a powerhouse of a graphic designer.

On top of that, he’s a genuinely lovely human. When I asked him if I could write this post, he responded with this:

There are so many number of other people who ought to get a spotlight instead of me. In lieu of anything about me, I’d kinda rather share some links to charities and services that I support.


That’s Daniel for you. When Tim Rodriguez and I were doing the pre-Kickstarter work of Backstory Cards, I knew I wanted him to design the card that would be used for the back and throughout the campaign.

Backstory Cards back

And Daniel designed the wedding coins Lillian Cohen-Moore and I commissioned from Campaign Coins, which gives him a special place in our personal story. I can’t think of anyone I would have trusted or wanted involved, because there’s something just truly warm and generous about the spirit of Daniel Solis.

Wedding Coins

So here’s to Daniel Solis, a human whose magnificent talent is matched by his amazing heart.

– Ryan

[1] I won’t let that I’m technically older than him get in the way of that dream.


One Response to Folks I Admire: Daniel Solis

  1. Daniel is definitely an amazing person. I wish I had some projects that I could work with him on because I know he’d make them even more awesome.