Tell Me of This Strange World

Lillian Cohen-Moore and I are on our honeymoon, and we’ve been taking a lot of photos. Yesterday evening, I took several of the sunset near San Simeon, California, with my ProCamera app and its HDR plugin. Some of the pictures turned out really weird as I played with the settings, so I thought that today, I would post one up and ask y’all for some suggestions.


What I want from you: This is a picture from an alien world. It’s taken at a “normal” time of day, atmospheric conditions, etc. Give me one or two (and no more than two) interesting facts about this world.

Sometime after I’m back, I may follow up with a name for this place and a writeup that incorporates most of the responses.

– Ryan

FYI: I’m on vacation, so comment moderation will be delayed.

(Oh, if you want to see a regular picture of where I took this, here you go.)


10 Responses to Tell Me of This Strange World

  1. Jim Dagg says:

    The rock in the center? It’s not a rock, it’s a mountain; the shot is really zoomed out. Hundreds of thousands of people live on that rock. Everything else is vast ocean, with waves crashing in hundreds of feet high.

  2. Jason M says:

    That’s a pile of water-ice in a slushy sea of hydrochloric acid glacial exudate near the planet’s equator. The atmosphere is a very cold, low pressure mix of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and chlorine.

  3. Kevin Richey says:

    The sky is literally on fire. While the lower atmosphere is breathable for the inhabitants, an upper layer constantly burns, providing continuous light and heat.

  4. Scum of Dunwall says:

    Fathers taught us: The divine blood of the Sun were scattered across the sky to share His light forever.

    Shadow Rifts killed again at the shores of Copper Sea.

  5. Scum of Dunwall says:

    Sorry, little update:
    First line might be used in conjunction with Kevin Richey’s fact, bacause we sought in similar directions.

  6. Jay Treat says:

    There’s a girl who lives on the mountain. No one’s traced the recent plague of kindness back to her yet, but everyone she touches changes. There are people who Will Not stand for this.

  7. Marcus says:

    The amber sky overwhelms all the visible horizon, as a reminder of the scorching weather. As if it was necessary. In this world there’s no other sky, no other weather. An unnerving, monotonous antechamber of some hell.

  8. Ryan Macklin says:

    There are also comments on the G+ thread.

  9. Martin says:

    There are only four islands like this on the planet, everything else is covered by sea. Travelling between them is a dangerous endeavor, but sometimes unavoidable.

  10. Ryan Macklin says:

    Here’s the world you all created with me: Madison