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5 Influential Horror RPGs

I love horror RPGs—in fact, I love them more than horror movies or novels. There’s something about the communal aspects of telling or feeling a horror story that hits me at the core. This Halloween, instead of talking about running or making horror games, I’ll tell you about some of my favorite influential horror games.

Chatting with Friday Afternoon

Shortly before my wedding, I was invited to sit down and chat with the resplendent Friday Elliot, proprietor of amazing geek-themed teas. She and I have known each other for a couple years, since chatting at a random meetup when she did a tea tasting at the Wayward Coffeehouse. Wherein Friday and I talk a bit

Rules vs. Culture: Success at a Cost

Who “owns” success at a cost comes up quite often when talking about Fate, so it’s about time I wrote my thoughts about it from a designer stance—before and after

Back Ruined Empire, Get Aspects!

Do you know about Anna Kreider’s Ruined Empires Kickstarter? She speaks words that have definitely grabbed my attention. The Ruined Empire is a system-neutral campaign setting and source book set in a land of five nations in conflict, ripe with adventure and danger. It has a Final Fantasy-esque feel, a mind to social issues, and

Playing the Deadline Game

Let’s talk a bit about the Deadline Game. As freelancers, we’ve all played it at some point—and many of us play it regularly. The Deadline Game is where you effectively gameify deadlines for freelance projects. If someone says that a project is due on Monday, November 3rd 2014, you figure if you turn it in

Bad Phrases in Writing 4: Personal Tics

It’s been quite some time since I did a Bad Phrases in Writing post. So let’s talk about some. Specifically, let’s talk about you. Grab something you’ve written that’s around 750–1,000 words. Raw text, not edited. Lay it out in two-column format, print it out, and hand it to a friend who is good at catching