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Cool Stuff Wednesday: Gen Con 2014 Edition

Gen Con Indy is next week! So much cool stuff going on! I did a Twitter poll for stuff that’s interesting or debuting at Gen Con, and here’s

Request for Questions: Gen Con Packing & Planning

Friends, folks, Internet people, I’m looking for your questions about what to pack, what to plan, pitfalls that have happened to you or folks you know that you’d like expert answers about. Even if you have an answer, and just want to hear other answers to see if there’s something easier, cheaper, or better, please

InDesign/InCopy Script: Find XXs and Hyphens

Occasionally things come up at my day job (as an editor at Paizo) where I can employ my former profession as a software designer to make my life as an editor easier. A recent one involved making a script for InCopy (and thus InDesign) that finds various forms of “XX” and times when we misuse