My Gen Con 2014 Schedule

As with last year, this’ll be a super-busy Gen Con for me. For the most part, you can find me at the Paizo booth (#203) if I’m not at one of these events or taking a lunch break.

Panel: Ask the Paizo GMs

Thursday, Aug 14th, 2pm-3pm — ICC 231
John Compton, James Jacobs, Rob McCreary, Ryan Macklin

Some of Paizo’s most experienced in-house game masters reveal their best game mastering secrets and help you troubleshoot your Pathfinder campaigns.

Panel: State of the Hat

Thursday, Aug 14th, 2pm-3pm — ICC 231
Rob Donoghue, Carrie Harris, Chris Hanrahan, Fred Hicks, Sean Nittner, and loads of Evil Hat talent!

Here about what’s going on with Evil Hat! I’m sure I’ll drop a bit of update on Don’t Hack This Game.

ENnie Awards

Friday, Aug 15th, 6:30pm on — Grand Hall at Union Station
Nearly everyone

I will be cruising around during the cocktail hour in my swanky ENnies outfit. What is it, you ask? Come to find out! Also, there’s an award show happening.

Live Stream Interview

Saturday, Aug 16th, 3pm — OOMBA booth, Hall F

I’ll be on the Gen Con official live stream interview! Check out oomba.tv during the show for plenty of live streaming goodness.

Talking Fate at Posthuman Studios

Saturday, Aug 16th, 4pm-5pm — Booth #559

I’ll be hanging with the Posthuman guys, talking about the Eclipse Phase Fate conversion. I’m also happy to talk about Fate in general! Of course, I’ll shamelessly tell you to buy one of the fine games at the boost if you ask me non-Eclipse Phase stuff, but really I’m just there to gab.

Maybe I’ll have part of my ENnie outfit on there. Maybe.

Panel: Writing & Editing Workshop

Sunday, August 17th, Noon-1pm — ICC 231
Judy Bauer, Chris Carey, Ryan Macklin

Join Paizo editors for a hands-on workshop aimed at improving your writing skills. From using the right words to properly integrating rules content to editing your own work, this informative seminar will help to take your writing to the next level.

The Rest of the Time

If the exhibitors’ hall is open and I’m not at one of the aforementioned events, there’s a good chance that I’ll be at the Paizo booth (#203, in front of the leftmost door to the hall.)

I’ll sign whatever. It’s been a running joke in the past few years that I’ll sign any book, but seriously, if you have something you want me to sign, I’m game.[1]


Hope to see you guys at the show!

– Ryan

[1] Okay, there are limits. I won’t sign your child. Ewww.