Cool Stuff Wednesday: Gen Con 2014 Edition

Gen Con Indy is next week! So much cool stuff going on! I did a Twitter poll for stuff that’s interesting or debuting at Gen Con, and here’s a sample of what I got. I’ll split them up between events and stuff, limiting it to a few of each. (And nothing I’m involved with, naturally.)


First Exposure Playtest Hall! My amazing friends at Double Exposure is doing another year of this special area For designers and publishers to playtest their latest creations and for players to assist! I highly recommend people to check this out. And if you’re able to get to Morristown, NJ for any of their conventions, I cannot recommend them enough.

Check Out Games on Demand! It’s only the best place for checking out indie games, especially on a whim. Saints of gaming like John Stavropoulos, Steve Segedy, and many more put themselves into this.

  • In particular, check out Stras Acimovic running Atlas Reckoning! The tagline Stras gave me: “Robots! Monsters! Fun!” It’s in playtest at Games on Demand. I won’t have time to be there, so you should play it and tell me!
  • Related check out the Games on Demand diversity training video (or notes from it)!

Kids and Gaming! Friday at noon, some amazing people –Eloy Lasanta, Amanda Valentine, Matt McFarland, and Enrique Bertran — are going to talk about kids in gaming. Get thee to the Conrail Station room of Crowne Plaza.

The ENnies Cocktail Hour! I call this out specifically separate from the award show itself. Anyone can show up! You can drink and mingle! And honestly, if you don’t feel like sticking around, you can get dinner while the whos-who of gaming isn’t able to take up as many tables. :)

Like maps in your games? Go to this panel as part of the Indie Game Developers Network (booth #1539) on Cartography of Fictional Worlds.

Very important to me, two panels on mental health in our community. The first is one of the Industry Insider Guest of Honor panels, hosted by Lillian Cohen-Moore. The other is by friend-of-the blog John Adamus.

I’ll close with Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff Live. I won’t be able to go to this, but if you’re a Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff fan, you should check it out! Their live shows sound like a lot of fun.

(As for events with me, I have absolutely no idea what my schedule is yet! Maybe I’ll have a post on Monday.)


I didn’t get as many comments about stuff debuting at the show. Here’s what interests me.

Free Games Giveaway! Check out this free games giveaway list on BoardGameGeek! I don’t think I need to say more.

You can get the Brazilian Game Chef Winner and meet the folks involved! Check out PULSE and even pre-order it to pick up at the Indie Press Revolution booth (booth #2221)!

Check out Shinobi Clans at Posthuman Studios! (Booth #559) I got to play the prototype of this last year, and it looks sweet. Go play a demo of it!

Mike Myler and the AdventureAWeek folks are sharing a booth with 3D Virtual Tabletop, booth #3039. If you’re fantasy checks, check out the bunch of stuff they’ve got going on! I met Mike at last year’s Gen Con, and he’s got a lot of ambition — it’s someone to watch. Also: exhibitors, look at how easy it was to find out where they are! Many of you could learn from the first part of the page.

Dave Chalker’s Heat is being demoed! I am excited for this, is no small part because I missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. You can find this at his publisher, at the Asmadi Games Department of Fun (Main Hall Room 134). Dave is a brilliant designer, Asmadi is behind a bunch of fantastic games, and going there will mean that you will walk away with less in your wallet and more fun in your heart. If you’re doing it right.

Campaign Coins! (Booth #1339) I just love the hell out of these guys and the beautiful things they make. Check out the convention exclusive as described by the Dungeon Bastard! Also, have you seen their Kickstarter for Fate tokens?


I collected some others in a Storify.

Oh, and need a map of the Exhibition Hall? Here you go.


What are you looking forward to?*

– Ryan

*Please don’t pimp your own thing. Celebrate others! :)

Photo: Gen Con 2013 Exhibit Hall by Alan De Smet | wikimedia.org


9 Responses to Cool Stuff Wednesday: Gen Con 2014 Edition

  1. I am looking forward to hearing all the news out of Gen Con. I’ll be keeping tabs on Twitter and G+!

  2. blackcoat says:

    They’re releasing Shadowrun: Crossfire. If I honestly thought there would be a chance it would get to me by friday the 15th, I’d be willing to pay a bounty (I’ve got a friend in from out of town who’s almost as big a SR nut as I am). But sigh, I guess I’ll just wait for the 27th like the rest of the unwashed masses.

  3. Ryan Macklin says:

    Ryan Costello of the Know Direction podcast pointed me to this project that he and company are releasing at Gen Con: http://www.lfgcomic.com/about-the-looking-for-group-pathfinder-game/

    I can’t speak to the content yet, but the bits look pretty cool!

  4. Lindsey McCullough says:

    I’m super excited for Cubicle 7’s Hobbit Tales, and chatting with Evil Hat Productions about the new Harry Dresden RPG they’re working on!

  5. Jim Minard says:

    As a first-timer to Gen Con, I have absolutely no idea what to expect except to visit as many developer booths as I can.

  6. adrienne says:

    Nerd Night, Thursday at 8 pm.

    Giant free gaming event (party) to raise funds for Gleaners’ Food Bank.

    Do not miss.