Image: Internet Hero!

I was inspired this morning by an adorable commenter that only said “Not impressed. Not amused.” in response to something another person liked. I get a weird sense of tired bemusement when I see such things, because it’s among the most useless of responses in the world. So I made these (which are only slightly less useless):



What else would this internet hero say? Perhaps I will make some more images.

I almost went with a hipster image, but the eyes have it here and there’s good space for text. If you point me to a good CC-open meme-worthy hipster image, I will happily make another brand of internet hero.

– Ryan

Legal: Photo is from flickr.com/photos/joebrent/150246485/, allowed use from Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license, and released under the same license.


11 Responses to Image: Internet Hero!

  1. Robert N. Emerson says:

    “Here, let me debunk your “facts” with something that happened to a guy a friend of mine knows…”

  2. Robert N. Emerson says:

    “InfoWars! How’s that for a microphone drop…[INSERT APPROPRIATE PEJORATIVE HERE]!”

    Seriously, the degree of self-marginalizing someone does when they non-ironically cite Alex Jones or InfoWars is just an amazing things.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      I honestly don’t get the reference.

    • Robert N. Emerson says:

      I’m sincerely envious of anyone who hasn’t had to weather folks citing Alex Jones or InfoWars about government conspiracy theories, New World Order, or anything else along the lines.

      Alex Jones is a syndicated radio host and conspiracy type who owns a variety of monetized websites, such as InfoWars, Prison Planet, and others wherein they profit off of disinformation linked to a variety of fear-based theories. It’s quite evident that he’s likely not a believer though, as folks often talk about how he can switch from being a raving lunatic on the air or camera, yet a normal calm guy the instant folks are off of the air.

      He’s claimed things like the Bush family being reptilian alien hybrids, and 9/11 being an inside job, while claiming that both Bush the Younger and (now) Obama have FEMA prison camps ready for everyone come [Insert Event of the Moment].

      He has a lot of folk who quote him and his cites as if they’re empirical, when there’s so much inductive reasoning and confirmation bias galore that it’s rarely worth giving the articles the benefit of the doubt.

      He’s even suffered bans on Coast to Coast AM for making up crazy stuff. Yeap, he was banned by the folks who like to talk about all the fringe stuff out there for being too off the rails.

  3. Octavo says:

    That political or social thing that you’re outraged about?

    I totally knew that would happen and you should have too.

    I am an internet hero!

  4. Eddy Webb says:

    Let me threadshit on that for you.

    I am an internet hero!

  5. Ken Burnside says:

    You Know That GNS Theory Discussion On Your Game?
    I Trolled That Shit On USENET.

    I am an Internet Hero!