Fateful Concepts: Character Aspects

I have the first in what I’d like to be a new line of Fate-oriented chapbooks, called Fateful Concepts. Fateful Concepts extends the stuff I tend to write about on this blog — Fate designer’s thoughts, new rules and configurations, examples of Fate techniques, and so on — into larger articles that I don’t have the ability to pull off in my blogging format.[1]

Fateful Concepts: Character Aspects is the first of this line. It’s a collection of four articles about character aspects in Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. I’m pricing this issue at $2.99, but to celebrate it’s launch, the PDF is only $1.99!

The topics in Fateful Concepts: Character Aspects are:

Why Five Aspects? Unpacking the Aspect Economy

This article discusses the evolution of the aspect economy through different versions of Fate and the design philosophy behind the number of character aspects in Fate Core, all while exposing the underlying framework of Fate’s aspect economy.

Decoupling Phases and Aspects

Most Fate games link the phases and aspects together. This article shows the power in decoupling that connection and how decoupling can ease creative fatigue. It’s also a foundation for the following essays.

Aspect Slots

A concept that is briefly mentioned in Fate Core, aspect slots are a method of focusing character creation. This essay shows how to build an aspect slot list and touches upon swapping out slots as part of advancement.

Casting: High Concept and Trouble Menus

The final essay in this collection uses the idea of explicitly defined menus to make character creation quicker, imply a variety of setting elements without the need for detailed exposition, and foster creativity through choosing combinations rather than trying to make something up without strong constraints.

I hope you guys enjoy it. As I say, I hope it’s the first of a line, but that really depends on how well it sells.  If it does well, I’ll continue the line with other concepts — I already have notes for three other ones, including some topics involving potential collaborators from the Fate community. I also welcome your thoughts on it, as I can tailor future issues of Fateful Concepts with your feedback (whether by email, blog comments, or leaving a review on DriveThruRPG).

As a final note, all of my Patreon backers got a free copy of this yesterday, as a way of thanking them. If you’re one of those people who contributed $1 or more last month, check your messages.

Thank you,

– Ryan

[1] For one thing, I don’t hire an editor for my blog, but I do for publications like these.