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Have you checked out the A World of Dew Kickstarter campaign? I’m on deck to do the Fate rules for A World of Dew once it hits $20,000! When Ben Woerner invited me to be a part of the project, I jumped at the chance. You see, there’s some history here, so permit me a little self-indulgence while I talk about why I am excited.

A World of Dew a sequel to John Wick’s Blood & Honor, a game about samurai tragedy in Old Japan. It uses the Houses of the Blooded system, which was one of the early systems to take aspects from Fate and mix them into a different system. I played Houses with John and loved it, and I loved it even more when I started playing the LARP, Blood & Tears (which is even more driven by aspect-like elements that the tabletop game).

Aspects got on John’s radar after a bunch of us played in Paul Tevis’s epic Spirit of the Century game at Gen Con So Cal 2006. Paul gathered seven people for a three-session affair: character creation on Thursday night, first session on Friday night, and second session on Saturday afternoon. John and I sat next to each other, and we had a blast as we made Centurions who had a very adversarial past: John as The Nefarious Doctor Zen and me as Richard “Dick” J. Awesome, III. When he guest starred in my story, he wrote himself is as the overarching villain, which drove us to create the aspects Damn You, Sorcerer! and Curse You, Awesome! Why Won’t You Die!? I won’t gush further about our characters, but we loved it and that lead to John creating stuff with aspects and me becoming one of Fate’s co-creators.

So when Ben emailed me, I chuckled. John grabbed something from Fate and added to it, and now I’m completing that circle. At least, I’ll get to if A World of Dew hits $20K. Maybe you want to make that happen? Take a moment to check out the video.

Even though the campaign hasn’t completed yet and the Fate rules aren’t locked in, I’ve written a few notes about the conversion. That’s how excited I am to be a part of this. I hope to see it happen, and hope that you’ll be happy with the results.

– Ryan


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  1. I backed this (a while back) mainly for the Japanese setting.

    I hope you manage to get to do your conversion!